When Mike South Calls You Ignorant You Know You’re Dumb

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Herbert Dingle was a much lauded English physicist, but that’s not the Herbert Dingle I’m talking about. The Secret Life of Herbert Dingle is a porn movie from 1995 starring AVN’s very own Mark Kernes as a fat slob who finally gets laid.

Kernes goes under the name Bobby Neuwave, but it’s Kernes. I don’t know if Kernes contracted gonorrhea on that set, but he seems to have an extensive knowledge of the subject- enough to dismiss the Big G as a hoax.

Kernes wrote an article on the Super Bug of Gonorrhea, and like everything else he writes about, tries to come across as an authority. In fact, Kernes refers to himself as a “sexual intellectual.”

Rob Black called Illuminati Kernes on the carpet www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58551 for what basically is a propaganda spiel because Kernes and AVN don’t want the porn world thinking they could actually catch diseases from shooting movies without condoms.

The honorable Mike South has jumped on board and said, “I would strongly suggest Mister Kernes to stick to writing what he knows about….Oh wait that would leave him unemployable. Mark, it’s one thing to be stupid, it’s quite another to expand that to recklessness.”

I’m not through by any means on the subject of Mark Kernes. This is only the beginning. The Men of Action over at AVN have seen to that.

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