Where Are Derek Hay And LATATA In The Super Gonorrhea Picture?

We’re gonna talk about what everybody’s wanted to talk about.

The Kurt Brackob/Treptow pedophilia story is not going to take precedence today. What is going to take precedence is killing the bullshit surrounding the super gonorrhea story that Mike South reported and we’re not gonna talk about it again until you people want to discuss the issues with the disease.

I want you all to do me a favor.

I want you to go through Mike South’s archives and look at the stories about Clover and the syphilis episode earlier this year.

What Mike South loves to do is throw out an issue or a problem, which could be a legitimate problem, but there’s so many people attached to it, and he won’t talk about them because it will hurt people he doesn’t want it to hurt.

If you go through the Clover stories you will notice that Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition didn’t really talk about it. Derek Hay and LATATA did. There was a disease in the business. Derek Hay and LATATA circumvented Diane Duke, they did it with the help of Mike South and Mike South applauded them for doing it.

Mike South said that that Derek Hay and LATATA handled it better than Free Speech Coalition ever could’ve. The exact same scenario is going on with this supposed super gonorrhea outbreak. So why aren’t Derek Hay and LATATA handling it?

Here’s what he wrote on August 13, 2013:

“When Clover came forward and LATATA got the information out Diane Duke was intentionally cut out of the information flow, many times in the past she has done underhanded things to circumvent the proper flow of information to performers and to try to make herself and the FSC look powerful.  LATATA thought that a better job could be done with these situations and indeed it was.”

There you go guys. Can it be made any clearer? Mike South, Derek Hay and LATATA had the exact same scenario as what’s going on now. So why are Derek Hay and LATATA not getting involved now?

Is it because Clover was with ATMLA, which is part of LATATA? So are the talent in the super gonorrhea situation not with an agent or not with an agency associated with LATATA? So if they’re not part of LATATA why wouldn’t Mike South and Derek Hay come out to bolster their claim that LATATA is so important, because if they were with LATATA this wouldn’t be happening?

So I guess all of these talent involved are part of the 25% of the rogues out there who are not LATATA members, so if they’re not LATATA members Derek Hay and LATATA doesn’t get involved.

That’s the only explanation I can see why LATATA isn’t discussing this now. So Mike South, when you found out about these talent exposed to super gonorrhea, why didn’t you call the agents. Or if they didn’t have an agent, why aren’t you on your blog talking about the importance of having an agent, because if they had an agent, this would be handled appropriately?

So none of these talent are with agencies at LATATA? Remember LATATA means Spiegler Girls, OC Modeling, ATMLA, LA Direct, Foxxx Modeling… Basically all the agents are LATATA.

Apparently the talent exposed to super gonorrhea are not with LATATA, so if they’re not with LATATA, LATATA isn’t getting involved. But is they’re not, wouldn’t they want to get in front of this and say “Hey, if they were part of LATATA, this wouldn’t have happened.” But no, they’re silent.

If there are indeed talent with super gonorrhea, you can bet your bottom dollar that these motherfuckers have an agent who is affiliated with LATATA.

But if it is just this rogue talent out there that is going around spreading super gonorrhea, don’t you think it would be time to wear a condom?

Now I haven’t heard of anyone having super gonorrhea, Mike South is the only one reporting it and Diane Duke is saying it’s not true. Why doesn’t anybody ask Mike South a simple question, “Are any of the talent exposed to super gonorrhea with an agency who is a member of LATATA?”

Since Mike South know the players involved and is dealing with his secret sources, can he at least say whether they are LATATA members? If he says no, then we’re dealing with rogue talent and isn’t that a fucking reason why people should wear condoms?

But if they are LATATA members, why are they not talking about it like they did with Clover? Because this is the exact same situation.

These are logical questions.

The bottom line is Mike South has an association with Derek Hay and is going to do whatever works in Derek Hay’s favor. If he doesn’t want to be accused of this and is truly concerned with the well being of talent, why aren’t you telling Derek Hay to respond to this super gonorrhea crisis like he did with Clover?

LATATA and Derek Hay would be in a winning situation either way. Because if the talent are with LATATA agents, he could take control and handle it as professionally and expeditiously as Mike South claimed he did in the Clover episode. If they are not, he could claim that this is why you need to be with an agency affiliated with LATATA.

We’re gonna know what’s going on next week. According to Mike South, the CDC is investigating, so we’re gonna have answers soon. My question would be how we got to this point and why are Derek Hay and Mike South not involved in disseminating information? Why are they not doing the same thing that was done in the Clover situation and being on top of it and doing the awesome job that Mike South bragged about with Clover last August? It’s a win/win for LATATA but they’re silent.

What has changed in three months? Don’t forget, Derek Hay poked his head out three weeks ago with Alex Gonz. So can anybody tell me what’s changed in three months with Derek Hay and LATATA?

Why does nobody ever address all these holes in the story? It makes you all look exactly like what you are.

Ignorant, stupid, hookers, pimps and lowlifes.

This is why I’m never going to be invited to any important parties. Because this is who I hang out with. I hang out with people who carry around a piece of paper that says they don’t have diseases and think that makes it OK to fuck without rubbers.

Why do you think the Huffington Post does all of these pieces on porn? Because when they are at their parties they have something to laugh about.

This is all that I’m going to talk about with super gonorrhea. Next week, when and if the CDC comes in and shuts down the business, I will again be asking the most important question that nobody has answered.

Why is our industry doing business with a child rapist named Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow?

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