Where’s the money coming from, Tompkins?

Tompkins is taking pride in his land and home. Not bad for a convicted felon who recently completed probation. Here’s the thing, Tompkins isn’t making enough money from his shit site, TFPWL, his website views are laughable and he doesn’t get any favorites nor retweets from his followers. So the question is, where is the money coming from? I seriously doubt that Tompkins has a good career working for Apple or Microsoft, especially for someone who stole $200,000 from the U.S government. I seriously doubt that Spiegler is paying that amount of good money to create websites. So the question is, where is the money coming from?

Don’t forget that Tompkins had an anger issue and a short temper and quickly wants to become violent when he starts shit with people, so I doubt that he would be employed by a reputable company.

Look at his land, property taxes are high as hell!

I seriously doubt that the cheap and shitty website, TRPWL, can generate enough money for a studio apartment. Most porn stars can’t even afford property taxes that Tompkins is paying for his land. He should be investigated! He’ll end up back in prison, it’s just a matter of time!





  1. lol! This guy is a fraud who never did a damn thing to contribute to the porn industry. He’s never been on a set, he’s never made anything, he doesn’t book girls, he never accomplished anything in this industry. He’s a total fraud that’s been trying to bully his way into taking it over! Guys like him doesn’t go to prison and come out reformed and wanting to go straight, he just learns from his mistakes and tries harder not to get caught the next time!

  2. He went to prison? For what?

    He just barged into porn by trying to be the hero and getting PWL shut down. That lasted all of a year and PWL was back up. He also stole the letters PWL and insterted TR at the front of it and thinks that can replace an actual wiki site. Where are his wikis? All he has is gossip. The average porn fan has no clue of who this guy is. He’s small time.

    His harassment of fans and performers is just pathetic. He’s an old man that wants to challenge people to fight on the trade show floor at conventions where security is everywhere. He’s too much of a chicken shit to get into a cage or boxing ring with anyone. What the fuck is this 50 year old man child trying to prove? Guy is the Al Bundy of porn. He’s probably throw his shoulder out if he tried to throw a punch.

  3. What money? What does he own that’s so impressive? I don’t doubt that he has enough money to sit on his ass all day and gossip about porn and ride cardio bikes for 5 hours a day while watching movies but when his house in San Antonio was posted it was a shithole with bars on the windows. Then he was living in a shack in the woods. He dresses like shit. Not sure what money people are referring to. Obviously he has no class and wouldn’t know what to do with the money if he won the lottery but what does he even own? Maybe his ex-wives pay him alimony.

  4. This guy owes child support to like 5 baby mommas. The current wife is footing his bills. Heard she is divorcing him so he could be working at a Wendy’s near you very soon.

  5. Mike South tells people that Tompkins pirates porn films. Knowing South, it’s probably bullshit lies, but I don’t believe that Tompkins is earning money in an honest way.

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