Who falls for #fakenews? Dumb shits like Monica Foster, that’s who

It has been a joy reading the liberal tears of butt hurt losers like Alexandra Melody Mayers, street walking prostitute name Monica Foster and others over the past 2 months and it has now come to a head and they are completely melting down now that the dream has been realized. Foster, who’s life became progressively worse under “President” Obama (Not my President) claims that “The majority of Americans think Trump is a fraud.” Oh really? Then why is he President? Once again we have a loony liberal that knows nothing outside their own little bubble. This is a woman that doesn’t work or pay taxes and is not affected by anything any President does, Obama, Trump, Bush or otherwise. She’s just butt hurt because Trump isn’t a homo supporting closet homosexual that wants to make it legal for perverted fags to use women’s bathrooms along with other lame social issues. Remember, her own father is a fag. Trump of course would like to create jobs but she will never work so that means nothing to her.

Fake news outlets like The Young Jerks are circulating a bogus photo that supposedly shows a much larger crowd for the 2008 Inauguration. Now, it may be true that the crowds in 08′ were larger as blacks don’t support politics nor vote unless one of their own is involved and the majority of Trump supporters work while most of Obama’s supporters are freeloading losers that have a lot of free time during the day for social activities. BUT – there was a good crowd on hand this year. The photo above on the left shows the 2008 crowd during the middle of the ceremony while the photo shown from this year on the right was well before the ceremony started before most people were in place = #fakenews. The reality from this year is shown in the bottom photo DURING the ceremony, not before. The crowd was large and lively.

Then there’s also the little problem of Ms. Mayers supporting domestic terrorists that looted the streets of Washington D.C. on Inauguration day. See, she doesn’t own anything nor does she work so she doesn’t realize that these SJW losers are wrecking livelihoods just because they can’t hack reality. No matter, these losers don’t vote either and will never accomplish shit in life, just like her. Enjoy your pain, suffering and misery and freeloading off hard working Americans.


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