Who is STALKING Monica Foster?

Monica Foster


Monica Foster defames people in her shitty blogs and her crappy websites that get little to no traffic. Her so-called evidence is nothing more than words and pictures that provide no proof whatsoever. Not knowing anything about investigating, Monica Foster twist facts around and makes things up to appease the few people who pay attention to her. Of course it has been proven that her 13K followers NEVER pay her any attention.

Even though attorneys and the court itself has informed this brain dead idiot that even if a person is a public figure, it doesn’t give her the right to defame them. Foster also uses peoples photos and videos without their permission which violates copyright laws. Foster claims that its protected by the Fair Use Act; however, Fair Use DOES NOT include copyright material being used to defame people. This is why Foster host her websites on foreign site so that they won’t respect U.S. laws and have the sites pulled for legal violations.

When people fire back at Foster and make fun of her, use her pics for their postings about her, and etc., she cries that she’s being stalked. So according the retarded logic of Monica Foster and Desi Foxx (who is the only person in the porn biz to have close connections to pedophiles), it’s OK for her to write about people, make fun of them, harass everyone that associates with those that she writes about, defame them, & etc., yet when they do it to her, she cries that she’s being stalked!

Of course no court will ever believe that Monica Foster is being stalked which is why she didn’t appear to the court hearing back in January 2016 against Tristan Stadtmuller. Stadtmuller showed up to defend himself in front of the judge (with law enforcement present) and Foster didn’t; in fact, to this very day, Foster hasn’t spoken about it nor provided any excuse to her absence. Instead, In May 2016, Stadtmuller and Foster appeared for MEDIATION together. Foster could have said “No” to the mediation like she did back in January, but she wanted to show off in front of Desi Foxx and try to make it look like she was taking action against Stadtmuller for allegedly stalking her, after two years of going back and forth.

The real reason why Foster wanted Stadtmuller to appear in mediation, is well, she has no life and no job, she wasn’t going to miss out on any money. She also wanted him to agree not to get involved in the lawsuit against her, this proves that she’s scared shitless and that no one is testifying on her behalf. Desi Foxx did, but her dumbass affidavit got kicked out of court for being too stupid.

At the end of the day, the two agreed not to speak to each other except through that of legal counsel, which Foster CAN NOT AFFORD! The mediation agreement did not include talking about each other!

Stadtmuller is within his 1st Amendment rights when he talks about Foster, everything that he says about her is true and he can back it up. Foster defames him and does all that she can to try and prevent him from succeeding in life and tries to ruin his life, all of this can proven, especially with all the tweets that Stadtmuller has retained in which proves what started the drama between the two of them that Foster deleted, and this is why Foster will NEVER appear in front of a judge with Stadtmuller nor get the cops involved.


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