Who really is causing the problems for the “Little old elderly retired school teacher” Joan Mayers?

Monica Foster Alexandra Melody Mayers is a master of the victim card. Whether it be the race card, woman card, poor card or using her own mother for sympathy and her “Little innocent elderly retired school teacher” bit. Cut the crap.

Some people on the internet pieced together some details and did a search on the Mayers family only because their troll of a daughter invited them to with threats and challenges. Ms. Mayers has harassed many families over the years and called many innocent people whores, hookers, racists and pedophiles and she has paid the price to the tune of $166,600 and rising as keeps giving it to people to this day. As such, she keeps getting it in return and if that means her mother gets caught in the crossfire, well that is sad but when you dish it out you must be able to have thick skin when you get it back in return. What Mayers is doing by dishing it out and hiding behind the victim card is the equivalent of someone sucker punching someone on the street and then running and hiding.

When you do things that are depicted in the above picture, you will have people look you up online and find details on you. Is this 1977? This is a new age and it is very easy to find information on public figures or anyone whose name you have. The mom getting outed is simply a sad side effect of her kid’s trolling and bad life choices.

The mom is not going online and is not affected by what has been written online. She is retired and by all accounts is very well off. There is just one problem that is hampering her otherwise golden years.

Her adult kid lives in her home still and does nothing to contribute. No work, no helping around the house, nothing but the same old shit, trolling the net online, threatening to sue people (With what money?) claiming her well off retired parents are victims, NO – Monica Foster is the only victim. The internet got over on her and she doesn’t like it. Her folks don’t log onto the net and do not care.

When Ivan Mayers is inputted into a Google search there are just 2 results on the first page of the search that are unsavory and they come from the now defunct Candicelynnpotter.com. Nothing is returned when the links to that site are clicked. So how did anyone harm Ivan? He is rolling in his 401k and other retirement assets. He has his health as far as we know although his lifestyle is risky. He is free and clear to have as much gay sex as he wants in his golden years. Again, his kid is the one that is affected by things written about him as the internet got over on her and she can’t stand it.

This is like her affair with Matty Holder in which he dropped her. She is the one that is used to doing the dumping and rejecting and Matty got to her first and left her wanting more. She still can’t get over it. She hates to lose.

Now as far as Joan is concerned nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is returned on the first page of Google from any porn related site when Joan Mayers is inputted. So how was she harmed? She can sit back and enjoy her retirement with her robust pension and retirement accounts with no worries – EXCEPT that instead of hoarding all of that savings for herself, she has a second mouth to feed – that of her adult daughter who does not work but does eat and use up resources in the house, thus draining Joan’s accounts faster than they would have been had she been living alone. This is sad and this is what really harms. Mrs. Mayers, not porn people on the internet. We wish Joan good luck.

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