Who tricked Monica Foster into attacking Randazza’s wife in the first place?

Monica Foster

Just how did Monica Foster get herself in trouble with Marc Randazza?

What made her attack his wife?

I have a source that says Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre of TRPWL.com, setup a fake twitter account under the name of Randazza’s wife, knowing that if they got Monica to attack her back, Marc Randazza wouldn’t stand for it and file suit against Monica.

In the end, Monica Foster lost that defamation lawsuit and not only does she have legal bills to pay but also a massive judgement against her.

Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre are laughing their ass off.

Even worse is Randazza was going to use Sean Tompkins as a witness in his case against Monica Foster.



  1. Even funnier is that Foster will try for a third time to get the case against her dismissed and she’ll fail for the third time. Now South did say that Bass & Tompkins baited Foster to attack Jennifer Randazza, but we all know that Foster won’t be able to prove it. I look forward to her trial in January.

  2. No one tricked her into doing shit. You just don’t fuck with an attorney’s wife, you don’t do it. That guy knows all the tricks and she fucked with the wrong bull and got the horns.

  3. Monica Foster harasses everyone and anyone who is affiliated with those that she hates. Jennifer Randazza is the victim in this lawsuit because she never did anything to Foster, yet Foster dragged her into it. I remember when Foster tweeted that she had proof that Jennifer Randazza used to be a hooker, to this day she has never provided that proof.

    When Foster hates someone, she gets involved in their personal life and anything else that they get involved in. Foster stayed glued to my Twitter account when I attended the AEE 2015 and she tweeted me directly and she kept tweeting her bullshit blogs to every girl that I had posted pics of me with.

    Foster contacted my sponsors for the short film that I got hired to direct and told them that I was embezzling money. Before that, she contacted the executive producer and tried to get me fired.

    Shit like this is why Foster will NEVER get the cops involved in our fued nor will she EVER stand in front of a fucking judge with me and accuse me of stalking her or anything else!

    She is a fucking idiot and I can’t believe that she actually thought that she could use mediation to prevent me from getting involved in the lawsuit against her. That fucking moron lied to my face and she laughed that she cant believe that people talk about her like she’s a hot topic.

    She is a fucking idiot! Now I see that she hates when people call her a monkey and the “N” word, WOW! This coming from someone who made that photoshopped pic of me being an inbred, I truly hope that the cops and a judge get involved!

    Fucking moron!!!

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