Who Would Like A Fat, Alcoholic, Unathletic, Uncertified, Drug Addicted, Chain Smoking Personal Trainer?

Who needs to get in shape? And who would like a fat, middle aged personal trainer with zero certification that chain smokes, drinks like a fish and does drugs? Have we got a trainer for you! MONICA FOSTER! 😀


In addition to being a failed porn performer and failed XXX web cam model along with being a failed beautician, Ms. Foster is a failed fitness coach as well. There was a time many years ago that she planned on getting certified and entering the fitness industry but that would require work and dedication and some lifestyle adjustments that she just couldn’t make and the career path never materialized.


Ms. Foster also must have known that once she began looking for prospective clients, people could google her real name Alexandra Mayers, and see all the sick things she has done in her life and that they would then not want anything to do with her. What if someone wanted a trainer for the family including young children? Or how about if they wanted a trainer for someone elderly? What if someone was religious? Foster was fucked and she knew it and so she scrapped the plan.


Being a trainer would involve early mornings and commutes and is not the career path for someone that likes to stay up well into the night, drinking and complaining to random internet folks about “evil porn people” that are out to get her and force her into working at a luxurious house in the Nevada desert to the tune of $3,000 per hour. Being a trainer is tough and it is for people in shape with some discipline.

The most important part of being a trainer is to actually be in shape and not have a big fat beer gut hanging over your belt.

Looks like the failed “Investigative blogging” career will continue.


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