Who Ya Gonna Believe- Shy Love or Diane Duke?

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In a story last week Shy Love told www.xbiz.com that a performer on her talent roster worked knowing that he was positive with Syphilis and that
he also admitted to doctoring his test.

The admission, said XBiz, was made to both Derek Hay, the owner of LA Direct Models, and the production executive that realized the test had been altered.

So that’s at least three people who heard his testimony.

But in a story today on www.thedailybeast.com- Diane Duke gives a totally different version.

Richard Abowitz writes: “Diane Duke, executive director of FSC, denied that the performer fabricated his tests.

“There have been a lot of rumors,” Duke says. “I would say the performer did not cheat the system. I would say other factors were at play.”

Asked to elaborate, Duke demurred for now. “More information on that is probably going to be revealed in the future,” she says. The two talent agents who made the claim about the fabricated tests in the XBIZ article did not respond to requests for interviews.

“The performer who was positive for syphilis has come forward and is working with us to initiate the partner identification, evaluation, and treatment,” says Diane Duke, executive director of the porn industry’s lobbying group.

Duke also says at this time the FSC knows of only the one positive performer, and has been unable to confirm the reports that others have tested positive.


Last week AVN reported that there were four performers who were positive for Syphilis and an LA Times story had it at five.

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