Who’s To Blame? Ron, Ginger, Top Pro Talent, KSEX?

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(PORN VALLEY, CA) — After TopProTalent’s comprehensive coverage of the Ginger Lynn / Ron Jeremy alleged rape scandal, it seemed as if it was just turning into a ‘he said-she said’ thing and the story would probably go away.

First, let it be clear, the comments posted by readers, under all of our stories, do not necessarily reflect the views of management of TopProTalent and TPT can not be held responsible for the things readers write in their posts. The reader who submitted the Nicole Moore information, alleging she was also raped, chose not to identify himself / herself and those claims, whether true or not, were not part of the story written by TopProTalent.

We have contacted Steve Banan and have reached out to him for any comment, and most importantly extended an invitation to Nicole for her side of the story, yet Steve asked that we respect his families privacy on the matter. Which we will.

Jason Sechrest however, posted an e-mail from Steve Banan on his news desk at www.jasoncurious.com, where Steve somewhat admits to the rumors by saying, “what he did was irreproachable.” [We think he meant reprehensible, but can’t be sure.]

In the TPT inbox yesterday letters poured in with mixed emotions from many “high ups” in the adult industry, complimenting TPT on the coverage as well as others blasting this site for releasing the information.

To those who saw the piece as well written and good coverage, we thank you. To those who didn’t, we thank you for your comments as well. But for those of you who said things like, “you’re ruining this man’s career” or “leave him alone, he’s a good guy,” I must respond.

TPT didn’t do anything except provide the vehicle for Ginger Lynn, Ron Jeremy, other accusers, and witnesses as well, to tell their story, and only after Lynn herself made it public on her radio show on KSEXradio.com.

We offered NO opinion on the matter and did not slant the story in any way, unlike other leading adult news sites. What you read on Top Pro Talent and on therealgeneross.com as well, were allegations, accounts, responses, testimonials and industry people defending the claims. That’s it, period! You cannot be mad at a service promoting news for the story we provided. That’s our job and many people in adult news forget that because they refuse to print a negative story, either because they think it will tear the industry apart, they’re financially in bed with the subject of the story or simply because they lack the balls.

But since we’re on the subject of opinions vs. coverage, many of the comments we received yesterday from the readers regarded my personal opinion on the subject. Do I believe Ron? Do I believe Ginger? Do I believe the other testimonials?

I must tell you, those are dangerous waters for me to tread in, and not really my place to say, at least not now. We’re talking about two of the greatest legends of all time and coming out on one side or the other is honestly something I don’t want to do at this point.

I will tell you that since I arrived in this business three years ago, I have heard rumors of Ronnie’s alleged rape or sexual assault situations. I would like to point out that hearing miscellaneous crap like that doesn’t mean it’s true. But I have been in contact with over a dozen girls in the last few years that DID make those claims. I’m not going to “out” them, as I promised not to violate their privacy. But again, it doesn’t mean they were truthful in their claims. It also doesn’t mean they were lying.

The industry jokes of Ronnie’s sexual aggressiveness. Jerry Butler said in the recent story of question, “I wouldn’t trust him with my grandmother.” He also alleged Ronnie has probably raped in the past, but not in this case [Ginger].

The adult news service, Yes Portal and writer Jeff Booth published a story on July 21, 2003 titled “Sex in a Small Town: The Kobe Bryant Story.” In it he refers to Jeremy, “The bottom line is that sex and celebrity are a volatile mix, and celebrities will continue to be accused. As in the cases of the accusation against Sylvester Stallone of assaulting a woman in a gym, or the sexual harassment charges against James Brown, or the sexual assault charges against Don Johnson, or even the recent charges against Ron Jeremy. All of these charges were either dropped or lost in court, but they still harmed the reputations of those involved (except, I suppose, for Ron Jeremy, in which case most people would think ‘He’s Ron Jeremy, what would you expect? Just don’t stand close to him!’)”

It’s a common discussion among nearly everyone. Does that make him a rapist? Absolutely not. Does it mean he isn’t a rapist? Absolutely not. But using his sweet personality and humorous approach to life isn’t a good defense either. A person who rapes isn’t always the stereotypical “bad guy” you see in action movies. Until recently, no one would expect the loving priest in your parish to sodomize a young boy. He didn’t dress in black leather and kick in your kid’s window to do it. He used the trust people put in him to do it.

Along the same lines, someone posted to the bottom of our story named Psych 101, “No one questioned whether these girls were DUMB, only if there was foul play. Kobe’s alleged victim, Tyson’s victim…people say ‘they should’ve known.’ They should’ve known what? No one can deny they were stupid, but it still doesn’t excuse rape.” These comments were in response to people asking things like, “the girls are porn stars, how can they be raped?” or “why would she go back to his house and stay over again after he raped her?”

In one of his phone calls to me yesterday, Ron asked me, “Why would I drive her back to the airport if I was the big bad rapist?” I say to that, “I have no idea. It’s either because you didn’t do it or because you felt bad about doing it and needed her to like you so she didn’t tell anyone.” But I’m no expert. I can’t judge people’s thinking process, nor can anyone else. We all do things or tolerate things at times in our lives that make us wonder later, “why?” I know I’ve personally been in very uncomfortable situations that I justified a reason to stay there in my life. Spots that I wish I wasn’t in, but for some reason went through with it. None of those instances were rape situations but the philosophy may be the same. I don’t know. Nor do you. Are you an expert in people’s mental behavior?

Ron himself made comments that were contradictory, responding to AVN.com about his alleged rape of a girl named Vicki in St. Louis, saying he doesn’t recall the incident nor the person they were speaking of. But when TopProTalent asked him he said, “That’s all not true, they are good friends of mine. These guys are very good friends of mine.”

Ginger swears that a three-some between author Jerry Butler, Lynn and Jeremy never happened, but Butler puts all the detailed accounts in his book Raw Talent, claiming a three-some did happen. Butler is no friend to Jeremy, in fact he chastises him in the book and with his comments to TPT.

Who do you believe?

Although Ron played the part of a judge in a Sublime video themed against “date rape,” he has made some questionable comments on the subject. In an article with The Onion in May of 1997, Jeremy was speaking of what you can and cannot do on film. He is quoted as saying, “Now, the films are so soft and so white-bread, the ones made in America, that European markets don’t even want to touch our films, ’cause they’re too soft now. We can’t show rape. We can’t show coercion.”

What does that mean in all this? Honestly, probably nothing. Rape films were a huge niche’ in the past. In context of the current situation, those comments are huge. But along the lines of where things were then in his career, no one would red flag those comments.

Again, the point here is not to sway you the reader in either direction. It’s to just let you know that no matter how well you know and love either Ron, Ginger, Kiki Daire’ or any other people involved in this unfolding saga, you, like I, do not know what the truth is…at least not yet.

If more witnesses come forward, tell their story and give more facts then accusations, we may finally find out the truth. But please remember for all parties involved, at this time we really don’t know all the answers.

Is Top Pro Talent bringing down the lives of legends? No. We’re just reporting what they are saying.

EDITORIAL: A response to reader comments and concerns


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