Why are agents using photoshop? #fraud It’s Shady AF

I seen a girl on twitter today and I was like what the fuck??????????????

I mean this chick looks nothing like her work pics. Then I realized, it’s because she is using photoshop. Every one of her work pics she puts out there she uses the soften brush on photoshop.

No it’s not just a matter of makeup. Her entire skin is different. Her whole body, not just the face and it’s because her photos have been edited.

Look at this pic. Both were supposed to have been taken just weeks apart. Notice the drastic difference in her skin.


This is what Nina Dolci’s skin really looks like.

Nina Dolci

Not the photostopped bullshit you find at the OC Modeling website. Look at the big veins, the large freckles and skin spots. You don’t see any of those in all the edited pics that her agent has been pushing.


It’s fucking fraud.

It’s shady as fuck.

Then again they don’t call her shady Sandra for nothing.

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