Why Are Mike South And Free Speech Coalition Covering Up For A Pedophile?

I see nobody at AVN and XBIZ have mentioned the Kurt Brackob scandal. Typical. Let’s take a look at old hillbilly boy Mike South’s site.

Wow. Mike South is now officially a shill. He is officially a shill. And our industry officially condones the actions of a pedophile.

I’m amazed that no one in our elected media seems to want to report that the leaders of the business have been doing business with a pedophile.

Now let me show you why Mike South is a piece of human garbage. When Monica Foster broke the story and reported about it, I looked at it and said, “This is unbelievable.” We talked about it on my show, posted links to media sources exposing this guy as a convicted pedophile and we did a story on it on AdultFYI.

That next day Mike South does a top story and that top story states: “Free Speech Coalition Stumbles, Schedules Luncheon With A Convicted Child Sexual Offender”

So Mike South says it was a faux pas, a misunderstanding. A “stumble.” And Mike South says I’m blowing this thing way out of proportion. That’s what he says. I’m blowing this way out of proportion. I’m blowing out of proportion the fact that Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Marc Randazza, Jullie Meadows, they all work with a convicted child fucker.

I didn’t know that there was a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to telling the world about a convicted child fucker in their midst.

Mike South lied about several things. We’ve proven that they were lies, but he doesn’t update or correct his story. Instead he runs bullshit fluff pieces about making good porn movies and Stormy Daniels.

Free Speech Coalition should be called The Pedophile Coalition. They do business with a guy who fucks ten and thirteen year old kids and fights the 2257 law, which protects children from scumbags like him who would shoot them in a porno.

You all know they are all full of bullshit. You all know that we caught them and nobody knows what to say because they all got caught. Plain and simple. They got caught. They can try to deny all they want that they knew about this guy, but any rational and sane person would put two and two together and tell you that they’re either all incredibly stupid, which means the government does need to regulate them, or they’re all lying about hanging out with a pedophile. It’s one or the other.

If you do business with someone for over a year, and do interviews and nobody thinks to find out anything about the guy, you’re stupid or a liar.

Mike South says Julie Meadows didn’t know this guy was a pedophile. She’s interviewing him. She’s interviewing him because he has something interesting to say. He’s written books. A simple search of his name or the books he’s written would reveal he’s a convicted pedophile.

You all saw that and figured no one would find out. You all know that you were doing business with a pedophile and you won’t admit it. Because I caught you. Actually Monica Foster caught you. Before I came along to protect her from all you assholes that were saying she was a liar. Just because she’s on a mission from God, like the Blues Brothers, doesn’t mean she’s a liar. If Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen can make hundreds of millions talking to God, Monica can too. Maybe she can find out from God when I’m gonna get a real talk show so I can get out of this fucking hellhole. But I digress.

Here’s the big lie that Mike South is trying to perpetuate. And when he gets caught in a lie, he doesn’t trying to correct his lie, he just throws diversions and all the message board jerkoffs that hide behind fake names fall for it.

Mike South says:

“One would think that Diane Duke and the FSC would be more careful about whom they choose to invite to their functions, it wouldn’t have taken much to turn up this guy’s past.”

So Mike South says Kurt Brackob was invited. Which we all know is a bold faced lie. If you go to AdultFYI or www.PornNewsToday.com you see documentation that proves Kurt Brackob bankrolled the entire affair in Vegas. Kurt Brackob paid for the Free Speech Coalition event in Las Vegas and paid Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Marc Randazza and Lydia aka aka Julie Meadows.

Kurt Brackob the pedophile was not invited, he set up the event and Mike South is covering the actions of and making excuses for a child fucker. And if you go to the Mike South site, there are two fluff pieces posted to bury the Brackob pedophile story.

One’s about Stormy Daniels, where’s he’s shitting on XBIZ saying she should’ve hosted the awards instead of Jenna. Or Vicky Vette. C’mon. I love Vicky, she’s a nice older lady, but nobody outside of porn knows who the fuck she is. I’d rather have train wreck Jenna Jameson up there than my mom on stage. And Stormy? Love Stormy, she’s a great spokesperson, but let’s be real. She hasn’t been in the mainstream press since she did that Senate run thing a few years ago and also when she beat the shit out of her ex-husband Mike Moz.

Mike South runs fluff pieces so as to take everyone’s attention away from the fact that he’s a liar and when he’s caught makes no attempt to correct himself.

Case in point. He posts this:

“There is no indication that Julie Meadows or Marc Randazza would or could have known anything about him and despite the noise coming out of the Kazoo. Marc Randazza has no affiliation with the FSC”

Now guys, Marc Randazza and Julie Meadows have no affiliation with FSC, but do you really believe that they there was no indication they knew that Kurt Brackob was a convicted pedophile?

We’ve already proven that the Julie Meadows thing was a lie. She conducted interviews with Brackob. Any research on the guy that she was interviewing would reveal that he was a pedophile. Which brings us to Marc Randazza.

As an attorney, you would think he would have better lies or at least be smarter. Where Mike South is kinda stupid is Marc Randazza is from Vegas. That’s your first tip off. Kurt Brackob is from Las Vegas. Kurt Brackob has been around the adult business let’s say for about a year now.

If Mike South did any research, he would see that Randazza wrote an article in XBIZ making the case for the business to move to Las Vegas. As if Las Vegas is a bastion of free love and prostitution and even though they have brothels that are heavily regulated by the health department, the industry should move to Vegas and make movies without condoms. An attorney advising you to break the law. Great.

Mike South also failed to mention that Marc Randazza is a big supporter of the Libertarian Party. Obviously Marc Randazza would know something about the Libertarian Party in Nevada. Well guess what? Kurt Brackob was the treasurer for the Libertarian Party in Nevada.

You’re gonna tell me that Marc Randazza, an attorney in Las Vegas, a supporter of the Libertarian Party, that the first time he ever heard that the former treasurer was a convicted child molester was when Monica Foster broke the story? Bullshit. If Marc Randazza didn’t know about Brackob when all the information was easily available to him, he is the worst attorney in the world. This is someone you want to defend or represent you?

Mike South is gonna tell you that Julie Meadows had no idea who the guy was that she was interviewing. Mike South is gonna tell you that Marc Randazza knew nothing about the former treasurer in the Libertarian Party, a party he supports.

So ladies and gentlemen, you see the problem with scumbag Mike South? Do you? Or is Rob Black blowing this out of proportion?

AVN and XBIZ, how are you not condemning this? I’m not making this stuff up. Go to AdultFYI.com and PornNewsToday.com. It’s all there. Links to Washington Times articles, quotes from his attorney admitting he fucked the thirteen year old. Look it up. Do your fucking jobs for once.

Kurt Brackob made a thirteen year old and possibly a ten year old child suck his cock. Anyone who sits on the board of Free Speech Coalition and doesn’t speak out on this condones a 40 year old man getting his cocked sucked by a ten year old.

Anyone who don’t speak out, anyone who doesn’t report it or do anything about it condones and endorses a ten year old child getting her face fucked.

And Mike South, you must be commended more than anybody for trying to cover it up. Thanks for proving that people from Georgia like you are not only racist, but approve of child fucking.

People who support Free Speech Coalition, this is your out. If you don’t want to support Free Speech Coalition anymore this is your out. Board members, if you don’t agree with what’s going on and you don’t condone child molesters, resign from the Free Speech board immediately. Nobody will blame you if you do. This is your out.

You are now gonna have the Justice Department all over this business because the greedy cocksuckers at Free Speech Coalition promote and endorse a child molester. Way to go, guys.

As I’ve said before, once a child fucker, always a child fucker. You don’t think Brackob is done with fucking kids just because he spent a little time in prison do you? Ever heard of a relapse? This guy is a threat and a menace yet the leaders in our business have no problem doing business with him and people in the press have no problem covering up the fact that a child fucker is in our midst. Do you really think it’s a good idea to have this guy around the porn business?

Besides myself and Monica Foster no one else has reported on this. Not one news agency in our business has mentioned it. Mike South put a blurb up two days ago and said it was blown out of proportion and then he puts up a story about Stormy Daniels and another about a movie he saw on Netflix to bury the Brackob story.

People, if you don’t want me to attack you, you should cease doing things for me to attack. One of them would be not denouncing a pedophile. Denounce the fact the Free Speech Coalition has been doing business with a pedophile for over a year.

Ladies and gentlemen, these aren’t lies. They are truths. Mike South is covering up for pedophiles. Free Speech Coalition are part of a pedophilia ring. Kurt Brackob is a child molester.Kurt Bracob is involved in bringing down 2257 laws which protect children. Kurt Brackob sponsored an event in Las Vegas with Free Speech Coalition.

These are scary times. What’s more frightening is no one is saying or doing anything about it. Which means they support child molestation.


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