Why Are You Always Being Asked to Give? Why Isn’t AVN Giving?

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I can’t even begin to imagine the millions of dollars Paul Fishbein has taken out of this business. And when he got that AEE trade show started, the millions more. All I’m just saying is, every time there’s a cause, or a need, Diane Duke is coming to you for money. It’s always money, money, money.

That’s got to stop. The well has run dry and this industry [unless you happen to be Manwin or Steve Hirsch] can’t give any more. That’s why the industry got smacked in the behind on Measure B. And that’s why AB 322 will pass and all the tweeting by Julie Meadows isn’t going to change one thing.

You notice that Larry Flynt has distanced himself from the business. Flynt knows what’s coming. You notice Steve Hirsch has changed his business model to pimping and cultivating wayward women into a lives of celebrity sex. Manwin, I think has already told Diane Duke enough’s enough.

I know Theo over at AVN has shelled out behind the scenes and doesn’t make a big deal of it, but Fishbein. He just took, and took and took from the industry. When I asked him for a raise one time- and this was at the height of industry revenue- he told me he was losing money at the magazine. Actually, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy and Fishbein got his wish. The magazine began losing money. But that was after I was gone and he had a lot of idiots locked into place running the show.

But Fishbein must have a few dollars tucked away. I know he lost that home in Encino, but I think Diane Duke should hit him up, don’t you think? Just for old times sake.

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