Why did James Bartholet LIE to Amber Lynn about having known Monica Foster?

Monica Foster writes me: On the evening of August 2nd, 2013 – James Bartholet was a guest on porn legend Amber Lynn’s show – where he BLATANTLY LIED about having known the incredibly popular webcam model, ex-pornstar and owner of www.PornNewsToday.com Monica Foster (in fact Monica Foster was once one of his Galaxy Publicity clients as you will see in the proof posted at the end of this article).

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Amber Lynn had James Bartholet on her show Friday night.
“He’s an amazing character actor and did an amazing job in The Wizard of Oz,” said Lynn.

Bartholet then took a swipe at Monica Foster. In making her introduction, Lynn said there’s been comments made about her friends that are “unfair- that’s exactly what’s going on.”

“I don’t even know this woman [Foster]” said Bartholet.

“I don’t know why she attacks me and Mark Spiegler, Peter Warren and Diane Duke. We’re just doing our job. We’re not hurting anybody. Were not slave traders. We’re not pimps..Jewish Mafia..”

[Foster has emailed the following to AdultFYI, 4 different verifications, contracts and invoices attesting to her professional affiliations]

She states: Attached is the form/contract Bartholet had me fill out when I signed up with his agency. Also included are 2 bank receipts I could find from when I paid him – the way he accepted payment was via cash deposit into his bank account at Wells Fargo.

In addition take a look at the attachment from his acting workshop, along with an email in regards to feature dancing he sent me when I initially signed up with him. Feature dancing was the ONE thing at the end of my time in LA that I wanted to do (of which I never had the opportunity to do). For me, that was the MOST appealing thing about having done porn (because I was an exotic dancer for over 5 years prior to entering porn). I was counting on being able to feature dance and Bartholet made it sound like he could “hook it up”.

Maybe he’s had other women he was able to do SOMETHING worthwhile for, but he didn’t do a THING for me aside from take my money, send out pointless press releases, invite me to a couple parties, introducing me to a coke dealer, try to connect me to the escorting circuit via an agency transfer & invite me on his radio show a couple of times (of which no one listens to).

I don’t think Bartholet should call himself a publicist. He should call himself a 21 year old socialite trapped in the body of a modern day talentless Liberace.

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