Why did Karmen Karma and Tiffany Foxx turn against Monica Foster?

Monica Foster

Remember two years ago when Karmen Karma dealt with some jackass who was assaulting her?

She went public with it, but she decided to take it to Monica Foster because none of the other porn bloggers gave a shit. I think that Karmen would have been better off just making her own YouTube video then going to a nutjob.

Well, ever since then, Karmen has cut off her association with Monica Foster. Why? Maybe it’s because she finally realized how psychotic Monica Foster really is when Karmen witnessed her psychotic tweets.

Remember that bullshit around the same time with Tiffany Foxx?

Foster was promoting it that the two of them were going take down the prob biz and other stupid shit. Foster even posted a thread on the Erotic Review website to promote it, lol! What an idiot! Well, Tiffany was unable to prove anything and she was begging for donations from her dumbass fans because she was too lazy to go out and get an hourly job. Foster, being the stupid bitch that she is, truly tried to pass Tiffany off as a victim without any evidence.

What’s funny is that Foster, during her long and boring interview with Tiffany, was begging people in mainstream Hollywood to give Tiffany a job, lol! Like anyone in Hollywood would care what she has to say. Not to long before Tiffany disappeared, she took down her promotion from her Twitter header for Porn News Today.

So the question is, why did these two women turn their backs on Monica Foster? Over the years, we have witnessed so many people turn against Foster whether it be publicly or quietly. What is it about Foster that people, even her own family, turn against her?

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