Why Is Cocaine Cowboy Peter Acworth Speaking For The Adult Business?

Peter Acworth appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about Truvada and condoms.

From the article on Huffington Post:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has officially encouraged the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications as a method of HIV prevention, but that doesn’t mean drugs like Truvada will change the role of condoms in the making of pornography.”

“Peter Acworth, the founder and CEO of porn site Kink.com, joined HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri on May 16 to share his take on the necessity of condoms. Though he is excited by the results of Truvada, he doesn’t have plans to lift his policy that all actors on Kink.com must wear condoms in their scenes.”

Since when does Kink.com require condoms in their scenes? This is news to me. I was under the impression that they were condom “optional.” Which of course means no condoms. I wonder if this has something to do with them being hit with Cal/OSHA fines? www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60289 They certainly weren’t condom mandatory when Cameron Bay performed with Xander “Bloody Dick” Corvus. Why didn’t they make an announcement like Axel Braun did? www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60380 I have a suspicion that Peter Acworth is referring to gay scenes being condom mandatory. I could be wrong, though. I’d love to hear from somebody who has recently shot with Kink.com to confirm that they are indeed condom only. Is so, good for them. If not, I’ll have a few words to say about it.

““If someone shows up at our door and says, ‘I’m on Truvada, I don’t need to use condoms,’ we’ve only got their word to take for it, so we wouldn’t feel comfortable relaxing our condom-mandatory policy,” he said. “I don’t see this as a replacement. The highest-risk people, I think, should be using condoms and taking PrEP.””

“Still, Acworth believes PrEP’s benefits are important to the industry.”

“He added that porn actors’ personal sex lives are not monitored like their professional performances, meaning intimate encounters outside of work are often more dangerous than what happens on set. That means Truvada can keep outside infections from infiltrating the workplace, Acworth said.”

“”There have been occasional people test positive, and there’s been moratoriums that have taken place, so we’ve stopped shooting, we’ve retested the performer pool and we’ve determined that those infections happened off set,” he said. “So the other exciting thing about Truvada is that it could potentially protect performers during their off-set interactions at home, which no bill, no law is going to change what people do in their own time.””

Bullshit. Nobody knows for sure if Cameron Bay’s HIV infection occurred off set. I know Cal/OSHA’s not convinced it did.

It’s weird that Peter Acworth is the guy that they always put front and center as the spokesman for the industry. It’s just bizarre. I don’t even think this guy’s an American citizen. It’s also bizarre how many Europeans are able to come here and work in the porn biz. They don’t have work visas, per se. They just come here on vacation and never leave. It’s amazing what Mexicans have to go through just to come over here and be a maid. Yet, girls come here from Europe all the time to do porn and escort work and stay for years. They get a free ride, but Lupe from Baha, Mexico can’t come to America to do housecleaning. Canadians skate, too. Brandon Iron’s been here for years. I don’t think his immigration status is legit. I never saw a work visa from him. Porn performers somehow get a free pass to make movies, but they’ll throw a Mexican gardener on a one way bus trip back to TJ. It’s perplexing.

So Peter Acworth is somehow in the States, he’s been here in the States, and he gets in trouble! That’s where I was going with this. Acworth’s from England and he’s here in America being an outlaw. For those of you who don’t know, Peter Acworth got in trouble a couple years ago for firing guns off at the Kink.com studios located within the Armory of San Francisco. The police were called, but when they arrived, he wouldn’t let them in. When they did finally enter, they reported smelling gunpowder and after some more investigation discovered Peter holding some nose candy. They charged him with possession and obstruction for not letting them enter the premises. The rootin’ tootin’ cocaine cowboy Acworth somehow escaped incarceration and deportation, but my maid gets sent back to Mexico by La Migra.

This is who is going on live TV to represent our industry. A coke freak and a gun nut. This is a fact. Whoever does a simple background check will find this to be the case. It’s not a rumor. There could be rumors out there about me, but nobody’s ever arrested me on cocaine charges and for impeding a police firearms investigation. So it’s puzzling to me that this is the guy who we appoint to speak to the media.

Besides the criminal charges that are part of the public record, there are the numerous allegations of abuse and harm to performers on his sets. He’s already under investigation by Cal/OSHA for workplace violations. Whether Cameron Bay contracted HIV on his set from untested Public Disgrace performers or not, there is still the issue where she was injured by one of those performers so severely that her breast implant ruptured. This is also a fact. It is proven that Kink.com lets untested people from the street engage in intimate contact with performers. This is the industry putting its best foot forward?

To top it off, Kink.com is disputing Cameron Bay’s workmen’s comp claim related to the breast injury incident. So to have the owner of Kink.com as the spokesman for the industry is just fucking bizarre. This shows that either nobody else wants to put themselves out there on the front lines, or the industry’s too stupid to not put Peter Acworth in that position. As much shit as people wanna talk about Diane Duke, she’s got a lot less baggage than Peter Acworth. Acworth is just straight up tainted. But that’s the adult industry for you.

This is all leading up to the hearing coming up Wednesday on the condom bill AB1576, which we’ll talk about later this week. There are some respectable company owners like Phil Harvey who could put a better face on the business. Scott Taylor, Steve Orenstein. Lawyers like Paul Cambria or Lou Sirkin, instead of Marc Randazza, who is involved with pedophiles like Kurt Treptow setting up luncheons in Vegas and getting in lawsuits with Monica Foster. If we had some of the few respectable people representing us instead of Peter Acworth and his band of tattooed, mohawk-wearing androgynous freaks that went up to Sacramento, we would’ve had a much better shot at nipping some of this legislation in the bud.

That’s the adult industry for you. Putting its best foot forward and shoving it right in its mouth. It’s a shame, but it is what it is and it will always be this way as long as we have people like Cocaine Cowboy Peter Acworth leading the charge.

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