Why Is Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers So Gutless?

If Monica Foster wants to make a difference in the world, she’s going to have to allow herself to listen to other people’s opinions and stop pushing her one sided propaganda. Otherwise, she will remain a joke of an “Investigative blogger” and an internet laughing stock.


Foster’s Youtube videos, comments on her sites and blogs are all shut off because she just can’t hack when other people challenge her opinions. On Twitter, she blocks accounts before they even say a word to her, suggesting she knows the owner’s of those accounts could make her look extremely silly if they wanted to and so she saves herself the trouble and blocks them before they get the opportunity. Some accounts do make her look like an asshole and she blocks immediately when things start to get out of hand to save herself from the hellacious beating she’s taking. And her threats to harm people are never going to be taken seriously because she doesn’t have the balls to take criticism ONLINE much less off it. What’s she gonna do to anyone?


She’s just a little dog that barks as loud as she can and thinks anyone’s gonna listen to her. Would you be afraid of some little rat dog if you passed one on the street just because the thing was barking as loud as it could? What’s it gonna do? Foster is the same. Just a loud little rat that has a big mouth but no power and no ability to do anything to anyone. Yap, yap, yap ad nauseum.


Foster once lived on a street in Henderson, Nevada in a house owned by someone else. She tweeted the address of that house endlessly @ her foes and challenged them to show up and “Say it to her face.” The problem is that no one knows who supports her at this point and what would be waiting for them if they did show up. Based on the demographics of Foster’s few Twitter supporters, she likely had one or several big, black, armed criminals waiting for whoever showed up. Foster would never tweet out an address of a location that she was at alone based on her reaction when her Franklin Parks, Hollywood address was exposed – She shit her pants when that address was outed, panicked, called the cops, cried, whined and did everything else a spoiled, pampered little suburban chick does when she doesn’t get her way. With Foster now gone from the Henderson address and using proxies to throw her enemies off from where she really is (She’s still in Vegas, let’s get real), she is no longer tweeting addresses and locations and inviting visitors to meet her.


The only thing Foster will do at this point is invite her foes into mediation sessions at courthouses where she is protected by the long arm of the law – The same people that she shits all over on Twitter but wants protection from when she calls one of her enemies into mediation. No one would lay a hand on this woman. It just isn’t worth it. Why won’t she meet her enemies face to face at a neutral location to discuss things and work things out? Because she doesn’t want to work anything out. She wants to keep the trolling and drama going so she stays a tiny bit relevant. She also wants to keep playing the victim and claiming people want to harm her. Fucken attention whore.


Foster should at least agree to challenge people one on one in an online debate, no blocking deleting, etc at a neutral web site away from Twitter. She won’t do that either because she’ll be made to look extremely silly. She’s got to hide behind her blogs where she has complete control, or Twitter where she can block people and comb through old tweets and get people suspended. This pretty much proves that she knows she’s completely full of shit and runs her mouth just for attention. And until she fights fair and on sites where she isn’t at a huge advantage, no one will ever take her seriously.


Foster has been known to comment on this site while linking to her shitball sites but she won’t comment in articles that pertain to her. She reads the articles and conveniently avoids commenting on any article that deals with her. No balls at all and proving that she will only run her fat cocksucker on sites in which she has a major advantage/control. Get some balls and then maybe people will take your ranting and raving seriously. And FYI, no one will ever show up to harm you. Just the stench coming from your living quarters, from your multiple pets that you don’t clean up after and yourself stinking of Marlboros, cheap wine and not having bathed or done laundry for many weeks will keep your enemies away.




  1. When the fued between me and Fostard started, I had left comments on her shitty blogs defaming me. She blocked me and prevented me from leaving comments up there.

    Another thing, is that Foster started the first ever thread about me on PWL. She had started a few threads about me on PWL. She also stalked me on that CMW website before it got suspended. Foster talks a lot of shit from behind the computer. She used to harass me from fake Twitter accounts in which I would block one, she would immediately create a brand new one just to keep talking more shit.

    Foster would harass me on PWL & the CMW websites pretending to be several different people attacking me. She’s a POS that had no courage to talk shit from behind the safety of a computer or with a mediator to protect her, despite all her threats of violence.

    She had talked shit on CMW about killing my dog, I wish she would show up to my place an try to do something to him. I met this bitch in person, she wouldn’t get physically violent with anyone.

    Almost three years and she says that I’m stalking her and that she fears for her life, yet she won’t get the cops involved not stand before a judge with me. She keeps accusing Bass & Thompkins of the same shit after several years yet she won’t do anything.

  2. Back in 2014, when I tried to settle things with Gostard peacefully, she got upset and cussed me out and insulted me and made threats of violence to
    Me. Fostard said that she was going to come to my house and kick me in the teeth for all the women that I hurt. Then she posted my resume up on her Twitter and put all kinds of insults on it. Fostard then wanted me to come to her house and fight her. She took a picture of her holding a $5 bill saying that she would give it to me for gas. She was talking big shit about me being too scared to go to her place and talk shit to her face. When she got on PWL back in October of last year arguing with the members about how popular she is, she brought it up again saying that I was too scared to go to her place and confront her in person. What am I going to do, fist fight a woman? Hell, we all know that if I did show up, she would have stayed inside and called the cops on me.

    Since Foster got thrown out of her home on Tristan Flower, she has tried to keep her whereabouts hush hush. Reason for this isn’t because she’s being stalked, it’s because she’s trying to evade getting more lawsuits thrown at her. Even when she still lived on Tristan Flower, after she got served by Randazza, Foster was pretending not to be home to evade being served more court documents.

    Foster’s trial is on January 3rd, 2017, and you can damn well bet that quite a few people are making plans on having her served. This idiot told the mediator that she’s afraid that I’m going to bust a cap into her as she shows up to court, retard! I guess she thinks that excuse will work for her trial because she won’t show up. If Foster does show up to her trial, you can damn well bet that she will be served with more lawsuits. She can deny wanting to accept them nor even wanting to touch them, but guess what, that won’t stop the lawsuits from moving forward.

    2017 will be the end of Monica Foster. After all these years of her BS, all she put into all her stupid shit will come to an end. Foster will lose credibility beyond repair.

  3. The house @ Tristan Flower was never hers. That’s why she took the liberty of tweeting that location over and over, because she was able to get up and walk away from that address whenever she wanted. Plus, as you said, she just gave the attorneys an address to send the lawsuits to. Now she’s private on Twitter proving once again that she’s got no balls. And as you said, she was just baiting you into showing up at that address so she could call the cops on you and play the victim. Black, a woman, living alone, she’s set up perfectly to play the victim. Good you didn’t fall for it.

  4. Tristan Stadtmuller
    You are one sorry ass mother fucker. Yeah thats right you fucking piece of shit
    Here I am trying to come to a resolve that benefits so many.
    But nooo here comes a dooche bag fucking things up.

    To have this woman’s family and sister who does not have anything to do with any of this is sad.
    Stay tuned
    Maybe its time to buy this fucking site and make you a daily poster child.
    It wont be my fist rodeo

    • STFU, D!

      First off, Foster is a liar and she makes shit up and twist facts around to suit her own purposes. I gave this psychotic bitch a chance to move on and we go our separate ways back in October 2014. All I got from her was threats of violence and insults.

      It’s going on three years and this retard keeps falsely accusing me of stalking and all kinds of criminal activity. Almost three years later and she won’t get the cops involved nor provide any proof that she had reported me to the FBI. Foster contacts EVERYONE that I associate with and bad mouths me to them and shows them her POS defaming blogs about me. After all that she’s done to me, this is why she’ll never get the cops on me. She really fucked herself over by not appearing to court for that TPO that she applied for on me back in January. She also fucked herself over with that mediation back in May.

      Foster isn’t a victim of jack shit other than being a complete idiot! She’s obsessed with me and everyone else and is determined to make us as miserable as she is, yet she won’t better her life in anyway.

      We’re not hurting Foster, she’s hurting herself because she’s discrediting herself. I’m just pointing it out.

    • “She” MADE it about her sister when she popped off at her fag hole.

      Get real “Dave” aka Alex. YOU attacked Randazza’s WIFE when she has nothing to do with your feud with Marc and you know what? You’re $167k in the hole because of it.

      Victoria Violet Mayers is a PIECE OF SHIT drunk that is going to kill someone one day with her reckless ways. And we’ll all be shaking our heads and telling you we saw it coming.

  5. WAIT A MINUTE DAVE! First off Monica deserves nothing and you keep forgetting dealing with her you are not dealing with a normal sane person and for sure not someone you can trust. SHE ALWAYS GOES BACK ON HER AGREEMENTS JUST LIKE SHE DID WITH DONNY AND TRISTAN ALSO.

    Second her family is all game as everyone elses family is game when she attacks.

    Third Tristan has done nothing wrong and deserves a pat on the back for keeping Foster on her toes and doesnt deserve being threatened for it.

    Remember Foster is a faghag and a whore which makes her a double liar, Wait, her father is a faggot so that makes her a triple liar. She is a mental nutcase.

  6. All true and Foster is doing this to herself cause she still has not learned to shut her faghole. Just like Mike South, every time she opens her mouth we are going to stick a foot into it. Mike South learned the hard way and now stays quiet hiding under his table in his mothers basement shitting and pissing himself in his wheelchair so why cant Foster.

    Because she is a fucking retard that doesnt know better than to kick herself and keep getting the bulls horns after 6 fucking years of being owned by PWL, here and others. When Foster disappears from the net we will stop. Until then its game on, on her whole god dam sicko failed nigger loser family of faggots, druggies, drunks and failed teacher mothers.



      Foster dishes it out but can’t take it back. She has attacked EVERYONE’S family as part of her bullshit anti-porn crusade. Meanwhile, her nemesis Donny Long has lapped her in the web cam business and is performing with models that are younger and hotter than Foster.

      Foster’s getting old and fat and life is just passing her by. She needs to stop the crusade and get on with life.

  7. Another thing, Foster made this shit personal when she started harassing EVEYONE that I associate with first. First it started with the cast and crew of “Live Nude Girls”, then with other porn stars that I would tweet to, then she was harassing every pornstar that I took pics with at AEE 2015, then when I got hired to direct a short film, she harassed the executive producer and contacted my sponsors and told them that I was embezzling money.

    This stupid bitch thinks that she can hide some bullshit excuse saying that she believes that I’m a dangerous person and other shit will protect her with the cops and the courts. Now she’s up here crying, Dave, all because her sister got outed for being arrested this year for DUI.

    Get the fucking cops involved, Fostard! What are you waiting for? All that cross eyed monkey bitch will do, is keep hiding behind fake names, write more defaming blogs, and create more fake Twitter accounts talking shit about me which includes tweeting stupid shit saying that Tristan Stadtmuller is exmarine323.

    Yet she’ll NEVER get the cops involved nor stand before a judge with me!

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