Why Isn’t Monica Foster Endorsing Jennifer O’Kane?

Has anyone been paying close attention to Monica Foster and Jennifer O’Kane? Well, it turns out that O’Kane has been acting stupid and thinks that she can get elected to become Senator of Nevada, LOL! She decided to run because Hoff announced his running. As we all know, O’Kane has been running a shitty brothel in which most of the hookers look like hardcore meth addicts. It seems like O’Kane is jealous of Hoff and his success and she has been doing all that she can to bad mouth him and his ranches, all without proof. Anyways, O’Kane, ignoring all the truthful things about Monica Foster and even ignoring all of her psychotic and bullying tweets, has been so desperate to bring attention to her shit business that she did a boring interview with Foster, but what happened? Foster hasn’t been endorsing Jennifer O’Kane on her Twitter, YouTube, her shit sites that get no traffic, nor anywhere else.

So what happened, Foster? Did you burn another bridge because of how psychotic you are?

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