Wicked And Britain’s JoyBear Pictures Unite To Bring You “A Kinder, Gentler Pornography”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Adult industry powerhouse Wicked Pictures is pleased to announce that it is serving as the exclusive North American DVD distributor for Britain’s JoyBear Pictures. The announcement comes at a time of unparalleled success for the London-based purveyor of “Raunchy Films For Her And For Him,” as both the company and its distinctive, upscale products are the subjects of major features in the January 2010 editions of Britain’s Esquire magazine and the Sunday Times newspaper.

Described as being at the forefront of a “kinder, gentler pornography” by Em and Lo (authors of The Big Bang), JoyBear Pictures is the brainchild of British producer, director and owner Justin Robeiros dos Santos, whose personal mandate – “I like my films to look beautiful” – informs all of his work.

It’s this commitment to visual ingenuity and production quality which has enthralled the European adult press since the release of his seminal Private Thoughts, which led Knave magazine to congratulate Robeiros dos Santos for “focusing on all the things that the rest of the porn industry have forgotten: situations, glances, and genuine human beings. The majority of porn studios would do well to follow the lead.”

Given JoyBear’s commitment to quality couples erotica, it should come as no surprise that its female-friendly product found a distribution deal with Wicked Pictures. At press time, Wicked plans to release a JoyBear title every other month, with the first show, The London Sex Project, arriving on store shelves March 24th, 2010.

Shot in true cinema verite fashion, The London Sex Project follows the lives and loves of a disparate group of attractive Brits who all have one thing in common – at one time or another, they’ve admitted to cheating on their significant others. The director then candidly follows each interview subject as they engage in a heated and passionate tryst with their secret object of desire. Each story is intriguing and different, as some of the individuals interviewed live in open relationships, while others are truly “risking it all” for a taste of forbidden fruit.

Witty, explicit, and beautifully shot, The London Sex Project promises to give Stateside viewers a compelling introduction to the unique films that have left the mainstream tastemakers at Esquire and the Sunday Times raving.

Regarding Wicked’s take on the JoyBear line, the company’s VP of Special Projects, Joy King, observes, “these movies are a breath of fresh air. The London Sex Project had me captivated from beginning to end. It’s some of the most believable and refreshing adult filmmaking I’ve seen in a very long time.”

For his part, Robeiros dos Santos more than shares King’s enthusiasm about the partnership. “As we say here in the U.K, I’m extremely chuffed – elated – to have teamed up with Wicked! Being pioneers of couples-focused films, they are a perfect match for Joybear. I hope to be working with them for many years to come.”

To explore the availability of North American broadcast, pay-per-view, and other ancillary rights to upcoming JoyBear titles, please contact Steven Vlottes, VP Of International Sales And Licensing, at the phone number or email address below. To learn more about Wicked Pictures and its exciting new products, please visit www.wicked.com.

To learn more about JoyBear Pictures, please visit www.joybear.com.

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