Will Marvel Comics ever respond to Monica Foster?

First thing in the morning and I woke up to get me a little laugh, lol!

Monica Foster, who is desperate for love & attention after reading her blogs since 2007, made a YouTube video thanking Marvel Comics for creating the new “Iron Man” who is a black woman named Riri Williams. What’s even funnier, is that Monica Foster posted a picture of her looking like she has Down syndrome or some shit and trying to compare herself to the new super hero. As always, when Foster post a selfie, we have to make fun of her, but this selfie adds a little flavor because now we can see Foster is getting flabby in the stomach!

Foster looks like shit and has no pride in her appearance. No good man will ever want her nor love her.

Well, we’re all on standby and we’re awaiting to see if anyone from Marvel will respond to Foster. Hell, she keeps tweeting to Isadore Hall for the past couple of years to get him to read her shit and watch her shit, yet he has never responded to her.

Keep acting stupid, Foster. We you bring us laughter each day when we make fun of you.



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