With AB 332 Opposition in Tatters, Is The Adult Industry Making Its Pitch for Las Vegas?

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The Wagnerian music you heard coming out of Sacramento this week is the fat lady singing. AB 332 is going to pass, the question of whether it gets signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown is another thing. [Brown may have smoked dope in the Sixties, but it’s not politically smart for any politician to be on the side of porn.]

Either way, the industry knows the handwriting’s on the wall, so it isn’t surprising to see a luncheon that’s been set up in Las Vegas for this Saturday, April 27th

Julie Meadows, Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Marc Randazza are the panel, and their topic is “Individual Liberty and the Adult Entertainment Industry”. Which sounds like a polite way of saying the industry is making its pitch for the minds and hearts of Las Vegasians.

Randazza, an attorney, has been very vocal in his support of an industry move to Sin City which isn’t surprising because Randazza’s practice is headquartered out of there.

Randazza has written articles on XBiz to that effect, but Rob Black in one fell swoop gave us the real skinny on why Vegas will never tolerate porn: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58191

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