With Open Casting Call Now Going On, Die Screaming Gives Big Build Up To Rob Black’s Birds of Prey Series

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from www.die-screaming.com – You all know about the Birds of Prey XXX porn parody film from director Rob Black and his Sinister X Syndicate Studios.

In addition to that movie, the Sinister X folks will also be rolling out a Birds of Prey XXX mini-series, which will be seen on the Extreme Entertainment Network’s All Access Portal and its ROKU channel. Perhaps the biggest difference between the Birds of Prey XXX film and mini-series is, as you’d expect, the cast.

And, speaking of the cast, Rob Black is still working on that. While announcing that Katie Summers will be playing the role of Black Canary and Tara Lynn Foxx playing Oracle/Barbara Gordon, the part of Huntress is still up for grabs.

Rob Black and the Sinister X Syndicate have announced an open casting call for the role. In addition to being one-third of the Birds of Prey XXX mini-series team, whomever nabs the role of Huntress will also be given her own solo Huntress mini-series, which will also be broadcast as part of the Extreme Entertainment Network’s lineup of original content.

In a press release announcing the casting call for role of Huntress, studio head Rob Black made it clear what type of talent he was looking for…

This role, not to mention all of the Sinister X Syndicate roles, is not about the girl taking dicks up her ass, but instead about acting, superstar charisma, the ability to do some stunts, and bringing the character into the mainstream light. I am looking for a girl with athleticism, passion, and dedication to making this character as big as it could be. It’s the proverbial get the ball and run with it. We’ll provide what it takes; we are the ball, she just has to run with us.

Aspiring talent can call the office at (818) 484-5816, Tweet us at www.twitter.com/RobBlackProds, message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SinisterXSyndicate, or contact us through our website at www.sinisterXsyndicate.com.

So now let’s talk a bit about the Extreme Entertainment Network and what it’s all about. Available as subscription based channel, people can sign up at the Extreme Entertainment Network’s website and then have the channel installed on their ROKU device.

The ROKU is a nifty little invention which allows users to stream online movies and audio through their television. What all of this means is that people will now be able to access a wide variety of Sinister X Syndicate content through either their ROKU/Television setup and online, through the network’s website. All of the sudden, Rob Black and company have a very impressive and very powerful content delivery channel.

In the word’s of Rob Black…

The Extreme Entertainment Network on ROKU is only going to get bigger and better as the days, weeks, months and years go by. Meaning, we’re up baby. We’re running. Launched and ready to go and we’re committed to bringing our fans new content daily, some of which will be from our huge content library, some of which will be brand new and exclusive. Look, the Extreme Entertainment Network is going to have Birds of Prey XXX before it’s released on DVD.

It’s going to have stuff that may never be released on DVD. We’re just trying to give our fans what they want, and that’s access anywhere and everywhere to our stuff. You know what else is cool? We are going to have rewards available to our new subscribers. We’re launching a cool campaign with rewards for paid subscribers including free memberships, free DVDs, free ROKU devices, and even cash!

As the Birds of Prey XXX mini-series is still in the process of casting, it’ll probably be a few weeks, at least, until it begins showing up as part of the Extreme Entertainment Network.

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