With the Annual Event Being Held Friday, Mary Carey Chosen Among Philly’s All-Time Wingettes

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from www.philly.com – ASK A GUY who attended SportsRadio 94WIP’s Wing Bowl afterward who won or how many wings they ate, and he might have an answer. But probably not. Wing Bowl, you see, isn’t necessarily about wings.

It’s about Wingettes.

These scantily clad young ladies who cheer on the contestants are what really draws the crowds, said WIP host and Wing Bowl co-creator Angelo Cataldi. Wing Bowl 21 gets under way at 6 a.m. Friday at the Wells Fargo Center.

“People come not to see fat guys eat chicken wings but beautiful women acting wild and dressed provocatively,” Cataldi said. He cited the addition of Wingettes in the third year of Wing Bowl as having “marked our advancement more than any one thing.”

The event that started in 1993 in a hotel lobby now pulls more than 20,000 people to sell out the arena.

By our calculations, more than 1,000 ladies have answered the call – and the catcalls – to proudly serve as Wingettes.

When we told Cataldi we were compiling a Daily News Wingette Hall of Fame list, he couldn’t suggest any contenders. “They’re a blur of breasts and thighs,” said Cataldi, who is admittedly pretty busy emceeing the carnival. “I’m blanking totally.”

While Cataldi is incapable, we are not.

Here are our favorite Wingettes, in no particular order. To assign ranks to this illustrious crew would simply be too difficult.


WE LIKE TO CALL HER: The Happy Wingette.

CLAIM TO FAME: Adult film star turned politician turned reality show star.

WINGIN’ IT: She’s a three-time Wingette, the event having coincided with her gigs dancing at the The Gold Club in Center City.

PROUD TO SERVE: “I love loud, drunk men and Wing Bowl is full of them. I really don’t mind if guys scream, ‘Show your t—. I’d be sad if they didn’t scream it.”

SPEAKING OF SAD: She can’t come this year. “I’m so sad . . . I think it’s super fun. It’s something everyone should see once in their life. It’s crazy that more people show up for Wing Bowl than 76ers games, and they’re really drunk at 6 a.m.”

BUT SHE’LL BE BACK: “I want to be a Wingette when I’m 60 years old in a wheelchair and people will yell, ‘Hide your t—.’ ”


WE LIKE TO CALL HER: The Ballsy Wingette.

CLAIM TO FAME: The Philly resident was charged with prostitution based on a Craigslist ad that suggested she might trade sex for tickets to the 2009 World Series. She was acquitted.

WINGIN’ IT: Before her case went to trial, she appeared at Wing Bowl 19 with a sign saying she was hoping for Phillies 2010 World Series tickets, seeming to make light of her arrest.


WE LIKE TO CALL HER: The Good Luck Wingette.

CLAIM TO FAME: Became a Wingette by accident, after former MLB umpire and then-Wing Bowl Commissioner Eric Gregg spotted her at a pre-event with her friend, actor/”Survivor” alum Gervase Peterson.

WINGIN’ IT: She cheered for Bill “El Wingador” Simmons when he lost to Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas. She cheered for him the next year when he won and retired. Joey Chestnut won three titles with Heller at his side. She came back last year when El Wingador did, though he lost.

THE WIND BENEATH HIS WINGADOR: Simmons can’t say enough about the Bristol native. “She’s a sweet girl. She’s very vocal and gives me information about what’s going on around me. That’s what you need,” he said. That and being “always good to look at.”

IN HER OWN WORDS: “When you step out on the stage, you get this burst of competitive energy. It feels incredible when you walk in and everyone’s banging on the walls and screaming.”

WINGETTE FOR HIRE: A self-employed model, she’d love to be a Wingette again. Contact us if you’re interested.


WE LIKE TO CALL HER: The First Time’s A Charm Wingette.

CLAIM TO FAME: Just 19, she’s the reigning Wingette of the Year, having won that coveted title for her Wing Bowl debut in 2012.

WINGIN’ IT: As Wingette of the Year, the former model, now studying to be a dental hygienist, won a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which she sold, and diamond earrings, which she kept.

IT’S A CHICK THING: The Audubon, N.J., native won’t be defending her title Friday. She’s pregnant with her first child, a girl.

NEXT GENERATION? Should her daughter aspire to be a Wingette, Massaro told us, “Of course I will support any decision she makes.”



WHY? Jenna Jameson is the most successful porn star of all time, that’s why.

WINGIN’ IT: She was at Wing Bowl 20 last year on behalf of The Gold Club. Dressed much more modestly than her fellow Wingettes (we’re grading on the curves here), she didn’t want to mingle with fans and seemed to phone in her work assisting a contestant.


WING BOWL 21: The good times get going at 6 a.m. Friday at the Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., though fans start lining up outside much earlier. Of course it’s sold out, but tickets can be found online. If you’re going, why not take SEPTA? Visit septa.org or call 215-580-7800.

Follow the game day action at philly.com/wingbowl or on Twitter @DanGross215.

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