With very little effort, Donny Long continues to win against Alexandra Mayers

Monica Foster

While Mayers continues to suck her mommys tits and trying to convince people that her life is beautiful, Donny continues to win against her with little to no effort. Mayers has FAILED in getting Donny into the court room for a permanent injunction that she applied for in May 2017 and she can’t get it approved. Mayers can’t afford to get Donny served and yet she wasted several months in court requesting an extension each time.

Mayers has also FAILED to get other people to fight against Donny. Mayers failed to get her mom to spend her pension to take Donny to court and get an injunction on Donny, we all witnessed how Mayers reacted about this. Mayers has also recently failed at getting Tompkins to break his agreement and fight Donny.

Mayer’s continues to add to her huge list of failures. You can’t expect much from someone who has the IQ equivalent to a bucket of rocks.


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