Woman Claims She was Raped…

Sacramento- A photographer who claims she was raped by two firefighters outside the Porn Star Costume Ball www.adultfyi.com/read.aspx?ID=4583 has filed suit against the Sacramento fire department. The woman is identified only as “Jane Doe.” Her lawyer, Wendy York, told the Sacramento Bee that she was uncomfortable with the photography assignment but thought she would be safe with firefighters.

The firefighters were attending the event, not responding to an emergency.

In court papers, the woman says that she went outside with the men and they invited her to sit in the cab of a fire truck. Once she was in the cab, she says, she was sexually assaulted.

The district attorney declined to bring criminal charges against Thomas Mitchell and Scott Singleton, saying there was no evidence of coerced sex. Both faced disciplinary charges, and Mitchell resigned from the department while Singleton, who was off duty when he attended the Porn Star party, was suspended for a month.

The suit claims that the fire department was negligent in training and supervising firefighters.

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