Worse parent: Ivan Mayers or Joan Mayers?

Ivan and Joan Mayers were successful professionals, however, they flopped big time as parents and this is shown in the failures that their daughters Alexandra and Victoria have become. But of the two, who is the more pathetic parent? We have to say, it’s gotta be Ivan.

Howard Stern always said that most female porn performers have to have been molested or suffered some form of abuse as kids. We won’t do as Alexandra Mayers does and accuse anyone without proof but Ivan is a complete pervert and who knows what went on in that house when she was growing up. Gay men enjoy some sick activities, who knows what types of things Ivan kept around the house. Any man that enjoys getting sodomized or sodomizing other men has a screw loose.

Joan, we just see her as an enabler. Not a bad parent but not a good one either. She may have been the cause of Ivan going gay by withholding sex from him or just being a nagging pain in the ass. Years of that can screw anyone’s head up. Even as her bigoted, perverted daughter wreaks havoc on the internet and is seemingly the female version of Elliot Roger, Joan stands by and watches and refuses to put her her kid back on the leash.



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