Would Frank Sinatra Condone Brazzers?

Rob Black on his Internet show Wednesday noted that Alexis Ford just did a PSA on behalf of Manwin which espouses the use of condoms.

“Didn’t she just do a gangbang movie for Jules Jordan?” Black asked.

Black seemed surprised that Manwin would do that.

“What are you guys, Republicans?”

More like terrorists, said Black, and if Manwin operated in any other place besides Los Angeles “they would have been done.”

“Think about McCain and Arizona. Think about a foreign entity coming in and starting to buy tobacco fields. Those right wingers don’t want terrorists around here.”

“As soon as Fox [News] found out what was going on, if this had been in their back yard, it would have been over.

“Manwin is doing PSA’s about condoms but they don’t wear condoms,” Black said.

“They fight against condoms. Is Keiran Lee going to wear a condom to fuck girls?”

Black kept repeating the fact that he can’t believe Hugh Hefner would be in bed with terrorists.

“This is a guy that used to have a TV show that had Sammy Davis Jr., Warren Beatty and the Chairman of the Board doing interviews. You think Frank would tolerate a company being owned by a bunch of fucking towel heads?

“When I say towel heads I’m referring to 9/11. I’m referring to when I see the dead Bin Laden- when Obama had the option to nuke the Pakistan house where this little scumbag Bin Laden was, he said you go in there and put a bullet in his head. That’s what he said. And they put a bullet in his fucking head and threw him in the ground like trash.”

“Are you going to tell me, Frank Sinatra, a man who was an icon to the American people, you tell me the chairman of the board would be fine with Brazzers?”

“I can’t believe that Hefner would let a terrorist organization run Playboy,” Black continued.

“Manwin’s in that building. Playboy’s in that building. I wouldn’t even be in that building, you know why? Maybe I’m crazy, but you need to be careful because you’re near the Burbank Airport. Mr. Hefner you need to watch.

“Is Manwin going to take a fucking Burbank airplane and one of those Brazzers guys is going to take that airplane- the same company that threatens Lisa Ann- they’re going to take that airplane and fly it into the Manwin building? I don’t know.”

Black keeps speculating that the same people who brought down the Twin Towers have ties to Manwin.

“If I’m wrong, Manwin, prove me wrong. In a court prove me wrong. Say you’re not money launderers. Say your boss is not a tax evader. Say that your boss does not use illegal money. I think you’re under investigation for giving pornography to children.

“That’s Manwin- starting in the Middle East, spreading to Cyprus, spreading to Canada, spreading to Benelux, spreading to Florida, spreading to Las Vegas. Look up the definition of a terrorist organization and look what they’ve done to this business, going into states, taking over testing services.

“I don’t think they did it alone,” says Black.

“I think there’s a couple of sleeper cells here in the business. I think there’s a couple of people that have ties with them that were here around 9/11 time.

“Manwin is your leader. I get it. Yeah, okay they’re going to pay you a $1,000 to work. I know you got to do it, but the terrorist organization needs you.”

Black’s also of the opinion that the porn business needs to crash and be destroyed so it can build again and be stronger.

“Who’s going to lead? It ain’t me.”

“Think about everything Manwin’s doing. If that isn’t someone who was put in this business to destroy us- think about it- everything they’ve done is sabotage.

“It’s an inside job. You know 9/11 how people said it was an inside job? Those fucking crackpots. This is an inside job. Someone put them in this business. They had no intention to be successful. They are destroying the business. They were sent here to destroy the business. Bin Laden said it. I will break the United States government financially. How else do you do it? You go after the entertainment business.

“Didn’t Bin Laden have pornography which they found after putting a bullet in his head? I’m not speaking out of turn. Conspiracy theorists, let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Bin Laden had pornography. Was it Brazzers?”

Black said if he sounds crazy he’s no crazier than Rush Limbaugh who has a show.

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