Writing for Newsweek, Sasha Grey on “Governor Sanford’s Appalachian Adventure”

Newsweek has complied a list of Top 10 Sex Scandals of the Decade and has asked various people to write about their choices.

Sasha Grey writes on www.2010.newsweek.com :Instead of making a 21st-century apology, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford decided to take it “old school,” comparing his extramarital affairs to that of King David.

Why not just say you find Pinocchio’s story interesting? Or, let’s see—Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, John Ensign would have also worked! That would have been a surprising admission in an age where extramarital affairs no longer seem to grab our attention.

Americans act so shocked when they hear about politicians, celebrities, and athletes having affairs, but I have to believe that many women who are married to men with power are aware of affairs, and accept it. Don’t ask, don’t tell; as long as they receive something in exchange from their husband—whether that exchange be children, money, material items, or sex. We create our own morals. It’s once the affair goes public that morals change.

The wife feels shame and humiliation because of public awareness, yet felt no desire to speak out prior. She allowed this affair to go on, or allowed herself to stay in the relationship. She probably was more ashamed that her husband was such a moron, and thought he could get away with flying to Argentina on a commercial flight and claim he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

We live in one of the most liberated countries in the world, yet we are still conflicted with Bible Belt-infused guilt. Consensual sexual preferences shouldn’t govern our politics, media, or way of life. Ideally, we should all openly have something extra on the side.

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