X-Play Offers Special Thanks to Hustler/LFP Video for their Award Success

Hollywood, CA- “If it wasn’t for our friends at Hustler Video there is no way we would be enjoying all of the AVN Awards that we just won in Las Vegas,” stated X-Play president Jeff Mullen [pictured].

Mullen along with sitcums.com production partner Scott David had just been part of a glorious night that saw them win a large number of adult industry awards including Best Sex Comedy, Best Parody and the coveted Director of the Year (Body of Work) award for Will Ryder in front of a packed house of gorgeous adult industry stars, starlets, executives and fans, yet something seemed horribly incomplete.

Lost in the excitement of the bustling evening which including an unexpected win for Flight Attendants in the Best Comedy category and witnessing Not the Cosbys XXX tie for the best parody award, the usually smooth-talking Mullen was a bit out of sorts when he accepted the awards on-stage at the beautiful Pearl Theater inside the Palms Hotel & Casino.

“I completely blanked out and did not thank our biggest distributor Hustler Video from the stage,” Mullen confessed. “It was a completely thoughtless error on my part and it actually took some of the excitement out of the rest of our night because those guys and gals at Hustler have been with us from the beginning and are a huge part of our team. They deserved to be thanked.”

“You know it gets a bit stressful in Vegas and we were up for some pretty big awards so I guess that’s how it went on stage but Jeff’s taking it rather seriously,” offered David whose art direction and wardrobe are a big reason why X-Play is on such a successful run of blockbuster hits.

“Until you get up there on that big AVN stage with the Showtime television cameras and the bright lights hitting you in the face you really don’t know how it can totally stun your perspective, David added.”

“Scott David actually saved my ass when we won for Flight Attendants because after my little speech he jumped in and thanked our other wonderful distributor Adam & Eve Pictures but there was no time for him to do that later in the evening after Not the Cosbys XXX won because Thomas Ward who by-the-way won for Best Non Sex Performer for his amazing portrayal of Cliff Huxtable spoke to the audience instead of Scott,” Mullen said.

“I thought I would possibly get one more crack at the microphone for the Director of the Year award later in the night but that was not a trophy presented on stage I found out,” Mullen lamented. “So I had no way to fix my error.”

Either way it was a wonderful winning night for X-Play and their distribution friends at Hustler/LFP Video and also for X-Play and their other teammates at Adam & Eve Pictures.

“You know Drew Rosenfeld is the creative director over at Hustler and he’s been our friend long before we were making porn movies and he actually used to take a lot of jabs and negative comments from other directors and producers for working so closely with us when we were nobodies,” Mullen reminisced. “Well, I don’t think anybody is questioning Drew’s vision now.”

“Yeah he stuck by us as did the entire staff at Hustler and we couldn’t be happier and want to thank them,” Scott David concluded. “Both Jeff and I also want to throw a personal thank you to David Diamond who does such a great job selling our movies at LFP.”

Mullen who uses the name Will Ryder when he directs was later found sipping on a beer at the IVD Pornstarville Party at Studio 54 in the MGM when he said, “Next time I think I’ll have to have a few drinks before the awards show just like the good old days with Bo Kenney and SexZ Pictures and maybe, just maybe I won’t forget to say thank you to those that deserve it,” Mullen said with just a hint of a smile.

“Both Jeff and I want to also thank AVN and all of the voters for such an honor,” David stated just in case Mullen forgot to do so from the stage.

“Next time I’m bringing notes.” Mullen joked.

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For Not the Cosbys XXX and Not Married with Children XXX wholesale DVD sales: David Diamond, Hustler Video, (888) 249-3523, [email protected]

For Flight Attendants contact Adam & Eve Pictures.

For worldwide broadcast rights of X-Play movies contact Marc Bruder at CED (310) 829-2222 X10 [email protected]

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