Year in Review Continues- Another Gay Performer Sentenced to Life for Murder; Dick Nasty Procurer?

Prison seems to be a revolving door for gay and mainstream porn stars as witnessed by the story involving accused killer Timothy Boham [pictured] which was reported in The Denver Post.

Boham on trial last year told a Denver District Court jury that his former boss, businessman J.P. Kelso, committed suicide in November 2006. However, Boham was charged with the first-degree murder of Kelson after deliberation, felony murder and aggravated robbery. Boham said he befriended Kelso and worked several times at Kelso’s collection agency, Professional Recovery Systems. He said Kelso was becoming depressed over failed relationships and was drinking heavily.

The two discussed Kelso’s suicide plans many times, Boham said, even how to make it look like a robbery so that Kelso’s family could collect proceeds from his life-insurance policy, which excluded payouts for suicide.

However, Boham, who was featured in gay-porn magazines, confessed to police days after Kelso’s death that he killed him in a botched attempt to steal $100,000, which he believed was in Kelso’s safe in the man’s home at 3601 E. Seventh Ave. He told police he had worked as a sexual escort for Kelso and wanted the money to take his pregnant girlfriend to some area with a beach. Boham eventually opened the safe and found only several car titles.

Boham who used the porn name Marcus Allen was sentenced to life in prison and will probably be corresponding with Harlow Cuadra and comparing notes about their respective homicides.

Having seen Sasha Grey’s favorite movie list offered by via Rotten Tomatoes, I suppose Sasha wouldn’t be interested in seeing my collection of Steve Reeves flicks.

From the website: “Porn stars can be smart; some are even PhDs. So it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that adult film actress Sasha Grey, who currently stars (non-pornographically) in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, likes great films.

“…. the movie geeks are nontheless excited this week over Grey’s recent appearance on The Rotten Tomatoes Show, where she counted down her top favorite films. They are, in downward order, Stroszek, Fat Girl, Pierrot le fou, A Woman Under the Influence and Escape from New York.”

Remember Silvio Lucchesi? No he didn’t star in one of Sasha Grey’s favorite films. Silvio was arrested for allegedly setting up a video camera and filming his girlfriend’s mother in the nude. Silvio referred to his arrest as a “bogus kind of a set-up situation.”

Lucchesi, 33, was busted after Grayce Dewitt “observed a video camera in the closet of the bedroom she was getting dressed in after taking a shower.”

Dewitt, who “observed the camera to be recording,” reviewed the videotape and saw Lucchesi “adjusting the recorder just before she observed herself in the nude.”

A police review of the tape also revealed that Dewitt had been recorded “in a similar state of undress” on two days before the video camera was discovered. Dewitt, a 54-year-old Arkansas resident [she must be some MILF] was visiting the suburban Memphis home her daughter shared with Lucchesi. Lucchesi is facing two counts of unlawful photographing, a misdemeanor.

The LA Coroner’s office made it official when it released the findings of the Marilyn Chambers autopsy:

“The cause of death: effects of cerebral hemorrhage, ruptured cerebral artery berry aneurysm. Other conditions: Hypertrophic heart disease.” Toxicology tests showed that two drugs in her system — hydrocodone and citalopram — were “within or below therapeutic levels.”

Michael Lucas garnered enormous publicity when he decided to shoot a porn movie in industry.

Says Lucas: “As a Jewish man, I keep a special place in my heart for Israel (as every Jew should, but unfortunately many do not). I am very well aware how badly Israel is represented in the global liberal media. (And by the way, the liberal media of Israel doesn’t always help the situation either.) The country of Israel is always portrayed as a war zone. The images and all the reports from Israel always come at the time of disasters — suicide bombings, terrorist attacks, and necessary Israeli retaliations. Those who have not traveled to Israel do not have even the slightest idea of how beautiful Israel is.

“I have two agendas here: One is to show that Israel has a beautiful gay community; that Israel is an open, liberal, democratic society where gay people enjoy all the freedoms they have in the Western world. Also, that Israel is one of the most amazing and fascinating places on the globe. It’s not a desert with concrete houses, as everyone pictures when they think of Israel. But it’s a blooming garden with amazing landscapes and breathtaking architecture.”

Count on actor Tom Sizemore to round out a year with an arrest or a conviction. Sizemore was pinched on an outstanding narcotics warrant and taken into custody by police responding to a report of gunshots fired in the Mount Olympus area of the Hollywood Hills. He was booked on $25,000 bail after officers discovered he had an outstanding narcotics warrant from the central California town of Bakersfield, but Los Angeles police said they had no further information on the warrant.

Sizemore’s latest adventures prompted Kelly Moon to write: “This article reminded me that Dick Nasty used to get girls for Tom Sizemore all the time about 5-6 years ago. Dick had a modeling agency called Nasty Modeling and used to hold ‘batchelor partys’ every couple weeks where he would get the models who were with his agency to perform and dance and do privates.

“The only trouble was there was no batchelor. Tom Sizemore showed up at several partys and enjoyed the company of many girls who with Dick at that time, including Cameron James, Jordan Styles, and Paige Turner. Tom was happy to pay his way, except he used to show up so fucked up on whatever drug it was he had just got his hands on, that he useually couldn’t perform and usueally ended up making a scene.”

With the legal fracas surrounding the rightful ownership of the Velvet Touch bookstores and massage parlors in Michigan, the press re-visited the resume of its late founder Terry M. Shoultes who died in 1998 of a heart attack at the age of 50. Say you never heard of Shoultes? Well consider this:

• Terry Whitman Shoultes became a pornography kingpin in Michigan in the 1970s, opening massage parlors and adult book stores across the state, including Velvet Touch stores that remain in Genesee County..

• Using a 200-acre farm in northeastern Ingham County, about 8 miles south of Perry, as a base of operations, he made millions selling sex toys, massages, peep shows and lingerie.

• By the time of his death in December 1998, Shoultes had been arrested more than 40 times on felony and misdemeanor charges related to his business but was never convicted. He filed more than 80 lawsuits around the state, most related to the constitutional right to free expression.

With his long hair, beard and penchant for bucking authority, Shoultes had been arrested 43 times in Flint alone by 1984 and his Velvet Touch and Royal Massage businesses here were raided 78 times from 1977 to 1981.

Shoultes, a Navy veteran entered the world of adult businesses after going to work for Harry Mohney, a secretive Durand businessman some called the Howard Hughes of pornography. It was Mohney who turned a run-down Shiawassee County drive-in theater into the “Durand Dirties” and grew it into a collection of adult-oriented businesses, including Deja Vu, the largest strip club chain in the country.

But Shoultes who spent, according to some estimates, three-fourths of his life in court, ended up nothing like his mentor, seeking out rather than avoiding publicity and pushing back at politicians, judges, police and ministers who tried to shut him down.

With the recession affecting the adult business, the mainstream press was hot-to-trot for porn star interviews. Heidi Mayne joined the growing list of porn performers when she spoke out about piracy and the inner workings of porn in a FOX News interview. Filmed on location in San Diego at a content shoot with a friend, Mayne fielded a series of tough questions from FOX reporters about the adult industry.

“I was a little skeptical because it is common for mainstream news companies to want to interview us only to twist our words and make us out to be horrible, disturbed people,” Mayne said.

“In the end I agreed because I’ve known this photographer for a while and he promised that there would be no funny business like that.”

The interviewer also went on to ask Mayne about how she felt about girls entering the business young, how much performers make, how the recession is affecting the industry, and if she has ever considered being under contract.

“They definitely had their own ideas about the industry coming into the interview,” Mayne felt. “Overall I am happy with the way the interview came out.”

To watch the interview click the link below;

Keep telling yourself: “The Mainstream Loves Us, They Really Do.” The mantra unfortunately does little to soften the sting that another adult video store bit the dust when “Good Time” in Whittier, California closed. Mayor Joe Vinatieri said the store and the community did not mesh.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines of a press release, when we were informed that Mark Dalton the “Superman” of gay porn stars was returning to the business after a two year hiatus.

“Dalton, now 29, has not appeared on stage, in print or on film since 2007,” read the hype.

According to Dalton, “my little break gave me a chance to refresh my mind, get my body in the finest shape it’s ever been in … and … to reconfirm my focus for this period of my life.”

Checking our archives we discovered that Dalton was released from prison in 2005 after serving just over a year of a five-year sentence for possession of GHB. He received the stint for violating the terms of his probation on the 2002 controlled substance conviction; a female friend testified that he assaulted her during an argument, leading a judge to revoke his probation.

According to a report from XBiz, retired performer Randy West was stricken with a heart attack. West told XBIZ he had symptoms while playing golf.

“I know the symptoms — my father and grandfather both died from heart attacks,” said West. “But I thought ‘I’m in pretty good shape, this might be some kind of weird heartburn thing.’ I got tightness in my chest and got hot and sweaty, but it would go away in five or six minutes.

“….I went to the gym for the first time in a while since I hurt my back. I worked out, and started walking around the track and this time it kicked in and it didn’t go away. I had a friend drive me to the emergency room.”

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