Year in Review Continues- Stormy Arrested in Domestic Beef; Man Posed as Ed Powers to Solicit Girls

> Porn’s favorite US Senate hopeful, Stormy Daniels was arrested on charges of domestic violence and the story even made The Smoking Gun. According to the original Tampa Bay police report, Daniels became upset with the way the laundry was done and decided to use her husband Mike Moz’s head as a speed bag.

The report went on to say that Daniels acknowledged tossing a potted plant in the kitchen sink, throwing the couple’s wedding album on the floor, and breaking some candles. Also mentioned was the non-payment of a bill and a frozen bank account. The charges were subsequently dropped but not after every website in the world picked up on the story.

> One sexual scammer in Massachusetts figured that using Ed Powers’ name would be a good idea to achieve his nefarious ends. Evans “Roddy” Dick III, 57, allegedly solicited explicit videos from young women for a purported “contest.”

Dick was also arraigned in Salem District Court on a charge of annoying or accosting a person of the opposite sex. A prosecutor said Dick’s case would be presented to a grand jury.

Dick was already being held on similar charges in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he was accused of repeatedly contacting a 16-year-old girl and a 19-year-old woman, urging them to submit explicit videos.

“This is not someone we want out in our community and not someone we want near our children,” prosecutor Colleen Cashman told a judge, urging him to set high cash bail for Dick just in case his status changes in Gloucester.

Cashman said Beverly police got a call from a “frantic” woman who said a man in a green car was handing out pornography to kids.

When police got there, the green Chevy was gone, but the caller had provided a plate number that turned out to be attached to Dick’s 1994 Chevy Caprice.

The woman, 20, showed police a packet that offered her a chance to enter a “$1,000 modeling contest” for girls between 12 and 18. “Do not dilly-dally,” the packet said. “Come one, come all.”

Dick used the name “Ed Powers” (the name of a well-known director of hard-core pornography) in the packet, but included his own Gloucester address.

When the woman told him she was too old, at 20, he said it did not matter because she was pretty.

Inside the packet, the woman found a DVD titled “Dirty Debutantes” and a seven-page, sexually explicit letter inviting her to make a video of herself and send it to him. He included suggestions for various types of sexual activity, Cashman said.

Cashman said police were immediately concerned that Dick was targeting minors.

Heidi Shore, a lawyer representing Dick, said her client once worked in the financial services industry until becoming disabled. She said Dick had no ability to post any bail.

> Taking advantage of ratings sweeps, CNBC did a much publicized report on the adult business

> Steve Nelson also took a lot of heat this past year for breaking the story about the Fort Meyers FL city manager’s wife, Anabela Mota, who is porn star Jazella Moore. The town fathers caught wind of this story and fired her husband, William Scott Janke immediately. Nelson defended his actions by saying the story would have come out anyway.

“The entire world seems like it was turned upside down over the last two days,” Janke said at the time.

“Our main focus is taking care of our family.” Janke and his wife were interviewed on CBS News and his story about trying to land a job in various locales was carried throughout the year.

> The story of football’s Ben Roethlisberger and an alleged tryst with a bimbo in a hotel room, ala Kobe Bryant, was big news for awhile then petered out, so to speak.

Roethlisberger denied the allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman [Andrea McNulty] in a Lake Tahoe hotel room, calling the accusation “reckless and false” and that McNulty was basically looking for a big pay day.

The allegation against the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback was made in a lawsuit filed by McNulty in Nevada though she never filed a police report or complaint about the alleged incident.

“I did not sexually assault [the woman],” Roethlisberger said. “Her false and vicious allegations are an attack on my family and on me. I would never, ever force myself on a woman.

“I’m going to fight to protect my family and my reputation. I’m not going to discuss my private life or this civil case in the media. I will respond to her outrageous allegations in the appropriate forum. I have an obligation to our fans, to my teammates, to my coaches and everyone in the organization to remain focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I will do that. The allegations against me are reckless and false. As much as I’d like to answer everyone’s questions, I’m going to respect the legal process and I am confident that the truth will prevail.”

Law enforcement officials in Nevada have indicated they had no plans to open a criminal investigation into the allegation without a criminal complaint being filed by McNulty who, according to some reports, bragged about her liaison with the quarterback. After some hot and heavy quarterback blitzes, the story simmered almost to a non existence.

> Sunset Thomas interviewed Oscar Goodman (The Happiest Mayor of the Greatest City in the World—Las Vegas), for her hugely popular column—The Harder They Fall.

Smitten with the Mayor, Sunset said, “It was an honor to meet Hizzoner! He’s candid and the coolest!”

To read the piece log onto

> Julie Meadow’s Talks about what a bastard Bobby Vitale was; she also claims he raped her in a scene.

> Then we had Empire Video’s Roy Karch posting close to $1M in Debts and filling Chapter 7.

> Author Chris Hedges wrote a book titled Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. One anecdote concerns Ariana Jollee’s 65 Guy Cream Pie produced in 2004 by Devil’s Film.

> Everyone else has so why not Diane Keaton. It was announced that Keaton would star in a new comedy for U.S. network HBO. The as-yet-untitled project from writer Marti Noxon, would see Keaton play a character who sets up a porn mag for women. Dawn Parouse, the executive producer, insisted the Annie Hall star was the first choice – because she’s no stranger to playing feminist roles.

Noxon tells the Hollywood Reporter, “Diane has been attracted to roles about women exploring their sexuality in films like Something’s Gotta Give.”

> Next time this question comes up in a porn trivia game, remember you read it here: Stripper Dita Von Teese, aka Heather Sweet, once performed under the porn name Bedroom Betty, according to a story reported by UK’s The Sun tabloid.

> Jenna Jameson shot a commercial for PETA in which she claimed, “Chickens killed for McNuggets are slammed into metal shackles. Spinning blades meant to cut their throats often tear through their wings or bodies instead. Many birds survive this terrifying, painful process, only to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. There’s a less cruel method of slaughter that renders chickens unconscious, but McDonald’s chooses to allow birds to be mutilated and scalded instead.”

> Darrah Ford reported that embezzlement and kickbacks were the order of the day at AIM – Should anyone be surprised? No. Is anyone going to do anything about it? No.

> Because she wound up on a boxcover, Tamarka Davis filed suit against ExtremeBooty.Com in another copyright case. You’ll be seeing more of these in 2010.

In a story reported by XBiz, Davis filed suit claiming Too Clean Entertainment and used her photo on the cover of “Slutfest III Strippers Gone Wild” without permission.

Davis, who goes by the name Taye, claimed she took precautions that would insure her work was copyrighted but that Too Clean poached her image from her own website,, which is now defunct but once offered solo-girl content.

She further maintained in the suit that she was defamed because the cover inferred that she was a “participatory actress in the porn DVD itself.”

“Defendants have exercised one of the plaintiff’s exclusive rights to exploit the photographs without the plaintiff’s consent or authorization,” the suit said. “None of the defendants had the legal right to use the photograph of plaintiff for use on the cover of the ‘Slutfest III’ DVD or for any other purpose whatsoever and defendants knew the use of plaintiff’s image was not authorized by the plaintiff.”

The suit, filed at Wayne Count Circuit Court in Michigan, noted that Too Clean should have known that the moment it used any image on the web that it would be there “essentially forever” because it would be cached by search engines.

> Forbes this past year talked to Steve Hirsch and Ali Joone About Tube Sites

> Oregon women and their feet can now breathe a sigh of relief when it was reported that Steven George Bronson was arrested. Bronson was accused of fondling and kissing women’s feet after tricking them into trying on shoes in a string of department-store assaults. Bronson was charged in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

Bronson, 46, was arraigned on two charges of third-degree sexual abuse. Authorities said Bronson, who was suspected of pulling foot-fetish scams from the Happy Valley area to Medford, may face additional charges as their investigations unfold.

Detective Jim Strovink, Clackamas County sheriff’s spokesman, said a woman who had seen news reports featuring photos of the suspect called 9-1-1 yesterday after seeing a man matching the description enter the Willamette Falls Urgent Care Center/ Woman’s Health Center. Deputies surrounded the building, then entered and arrested Bronson without incident.

Bronson has a criminal history in Washington, California and Nevada, as well. Police became aware of the Oregon case when Bronson pulled his con on women at the Clackamas-area Target store at least three times. Each time, he convinced women to try on shoes, supposedly so he could see whether his wife — or girlfriend — would find them comfortable. Then he would begin touching the women’s legs, sometimes rubbing his face on their thighs. When confronted, he said he was only looking for a second opinion.

Bronson was reported again at a Medford store, where he tricked a 15-year-old girl, then began touching her legs. He ran out of the store when she began screaming. He was reported once more at a Ross Dress For Less store on Southeast 82nd Avenue and again at the Target on Southeast Sunnyside Road.

> In a startling revelation tied to a vandalism case, Jenna Presley admitted she’s had epilepsy since she was 8 years old…

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