Yuhmm.com Checks Out Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne

from www.yuhmm.com – Its easy for beautiful adult entertainers to get by purely on their looks, but that’s not the case with the delicious British born Nikki Jayne. The Vivid contract starlet not only has the body and face to die for, but she also gives it 110 percent as a performer who loves to shock. The self-proclaimed daredevil tells us why she wants to be known as the “naughtiest” Vivid girl ever and what she’d like to do with a full camp of Marines.

Q: We’ve read that you were an avid churchgoer – even serving tea on Sundays to the patrons. Did you have a religious upbringing?

I didn’t have a very religious upbringing. My family wasn’t religious at all, but I enjoyed going to church. I still like it now. I think spiritual and religious subjects are mega interesting. I believe in the power of prayer, it works every time.

Q: Catholic schoolgirls do have a reputation as being the biggest closet nymphos. Any truth to this?

I think so and even if in reality if it isn’t so, it still just sounds naughty to say that I think that some Catholic schoolgirls are filthy sluts. It’s probably got something to do with the crucifix being shaped like a dildo.

Q: We hear that you’re a real tomboy. Please explain.

I’m just most comfortable when I’m dressed down… sweats and little T’s or my gym outfit is what I’m mostly in. I’m classy but a complete contradiction as I spit, burp but rarely fart. I don’t rip one out like a guy, even though when guys fart it automatically makes me laugh.

Q: A woman who appreciates fart jokes. Damn, I just fell in love. Before entering the business, did the popularity and success many mainstream adult entertainers were having influence your decision to pursue this as a business?

Jenna Jameson’s success lured me in and I thought hmmmmm… I can easily pull that off’. I’m wild but also have a bizz head and this is always about the bizz plan for me.

Q: You have a real openness about your sexuality and aren’t afraid to explore new sexual territories. First, tell us at what point did you start to discover your sexuality?

In my teenage years I was terrible. I’d stay out all night with boyfriends and sneak out of school to go out with older boys and be a bad girl in my school uniform.

Q: Tell us how you became so open to try new things sexually.

Its just in my nature. I’m a dare devil and extremist.

Q: You’re 5′10. Does that intimidate the men that you’re with?

I’m not sure. It could be, but I don’t care. I love confidence in people so if a man has confidence he will never be intimidated. He would embrace the fact that he had a blond Amazon girlfriend.

Q: Name your ideal man.

Christiano Ronaldo the football/soccer player. He’s just really dark and Mediterranean looking. He’s cute, cheeky and confident but can come across as an arrogant cunt, but I like that!

Q: Last year you were nominated for an AVN award for Best New Starlet. Are you expecting different results this year and what categories do you expect nominations in?

I’m not really sure. I’m a bit behind on porno news and information. I just go to work and do what I’m good at. I don’t really follow the awards, even though I will be attending. I think porn awards are funny when you think about it.

Q: Yes they are. So, was your fist year as a Vivid contract girl everything that you expected?

Vivid is a great company. Look at its success. It speaks for itself.

Q: Please tell us your ultimate fantasy on film?

To fuck a whole military camp full of hot Marines… that’s my fantasy on and off of a film set. But, it’s a fantasy and it will stay a fantasy because when you’ve lived out all your fantasies, that’s when your brain gets empty. My friend and joke about it when were playing with ourselves and we run out of sex scenarios because we’ve done so many in reality!

Q: You need to slow down then so you have something to look forward to.

We discovered that you frequently have your tarot cards read. What are the cards saying about your future?

I haven’t done them in a while. They’re fun to do sometimes and there’s a quality about them that can have a positive effect if used constructively.

Q: When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

As a successful businesswoman.

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