$166,600 Judgement Ordered Against Alexandra Melody Mayers Just In Time For Summer!

On the first day of summer as people are enjoying parties and picnics and beaches and the outdoors, a crushing blow has been dealt to Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers as a whopping $166,600 judgement has been ordered against her for that lawsuit where she was accused and now convicted of slandering or libeling or both a Las Vegas mother, housewife and worker at a law office. Mayers messed with the wrong bull and has now received the horns in the form of a huge six figure judgement. Just days ago she was celebrating and saying the June 1 court date went well, well Mayers, look at you now just three weeks later!

Will this force her to shut her hole? Not likely but it’s a start.

One footnote to the story is that attorney Marc Randazza quietly OWNED Ms. Mayers on the way out by getting in a final jab and making the dollar amount exactly $166,600 (666), a slap in the face to the religious fake and fraud.


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