2017: Same Shit, Different Year for Monica Foster

Monica Foster

September is close to an end and already the stores are selling decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are making plans for the holidays because traveling during that time is difficult at the last minute.

There’s no secret how Monica Foster will spend her 2017. For the past decade, we have witnessed Foster’s life get worse and worse. The only thing that 2017 will offer Monica Foster that will be completely different, is that her little Internet personality that she created for herself will be destroyed by Randazza.

Monica Foster will lose her trial on January 3rd, 2017 and will spend her 38th birthday in tears that what little love and attention that she gets from people will be ruined.

Foster will spend her 2017 doing the same stupid shit: creating fake accounts to harass and talk shit about people, tweet to Isadore Hall to read her stupid shit despite how he ALWAYS ignores her, do interviews with unimportant people, do webcam shows that are long and boring and never get watched by anyone important, write shitty blogs that no one important will ever read, argue with Ari Bass & Sean Tompkins over stupid shit and claim that they’re stalking her yet she won’t take any legal action against either of them, she’ll lose more supporters, harass and stalk girls who are alleged victims of rape and then Exploit them for her own personal gain, she’ll keep trying to ruin people’s lives & sabotage them to try and make their lives miserable, she’ll keep reporting people’s accounts into Twitter, and the list just keeps getting longer!

The soon to be 38 year old beat up hooker won’t accomplish anything in her life and still begging a low life man to pay her bills because of her refusal to work.

Same shit different year for this piece of shit!

I forgot to add this: in 2017 she’ll keep claiming that she’ll be reporting those attached to organized crime and sex trafficking to the FBI and the cops, yet won’t be able to prove it!

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  1. Not so fast – If Randazza takes her internet sites and personas, that’s it for her. 2017 will finally be the year where the terror ends. For years she has wanted to hurt people because she is hurting but that could all be over as of next year. How can she continue this campaign if Randazza takes away her hate sites and Twitter troll accounts? Oh, and as for the holidays, this will be like the 6th straight that she spends alone. WOW! #Loser

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