3 More Months Until Monica Foster Loses EVERYTHING!

Monica Foster

For the past several years, Monica Foster has done all that she could to try and sabotage people and ruin people’s lives. She hasn’t been able to succeed at anything in life & no rich white man wants to marry her which is why she’s an evil and hateful human being.

Instead of accepting her flaws, getting a job skill, and trying to better herself in anyway, Foster blames the whole world and takes her issues out on everyone. Foster had big dreams of success in both porn and Hollywood, but being that she’s unattractive, she couldn’t prevail.

Monica Foster has utilized racism in order to help her agenda in defaming people. She’s an innocent little black woman who is trying to better her life and bring justice to the world and yet she’s being held down because of her skin color.

Great thing is that Monica Foster isn’t able to think rationally nor logically, she is one sided negative. Foster has been losing supporters because people are opening up their eyes and they’re seeing her bullshit which is nothing more than a pathetic cry for love and attention.

I have been laughing my ass off with how Foster has been discrediting herself. Nobody sabotages Foster, yet she tries to sabotage others like Tristan Stadtmuller, who she was too scared to appear in front of a judge with him when she applied for a TPO.

Donny Long said it best to her over the phone, he told her to get a job and move on in her life. If Foster were to get an education or something, she might do better mentally, but according to her, anyone who uses government assistance to get an education is a welfare baby. This coming from someone who begs men to live with them for free and she’ll be their live-in girlfriend, truly that’s a strong woman who is independent .

In December of this year, Foster has to appear in court again for the trial prep. It’s going to be funny seeing Foster try and convince the court how the porn industry is organized crime, how Randazza is trying to sex traffic her back into porn, all these people who are stalking her, and all of her other bullshit!

Foster plays dumb, but at her trial on January 3, 2017, she’ll get served with more lawsuits! Of course she doesn’t know what other people would want to sue her like Will Ryder. Even better, is that Matt Holder will testify against her for the defaming and stalking that she’s done to him for he past 7 years.


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