3rd day in a row Alexandra Melody Mayers hides behind a private button on Twitter

We all know this coward is too much of a fucking idiot to stay private and delete all the public libel, lies, attacks and empty threats from all her websites, social media accounts and blogs and stop fucking kicking herself and her family [[because she hates her family as much as she hates herself]] and to go get a fucking life but hey its fun to watch her pretend and try. I give her till the end of tomorrow no later to make her account public again and start attacking people she is jealous of while she sits at her failed school teacher criminal child abusing terrorist mother Joan Rucker Mayers house at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach with her criminal child abusing two time DUI failed hooker sister Victoria Violet Mayers and faggot with AIDS father Ivan Leacock Mayers. Whats your guess? Post in the comments below. I will also be making her another thread in her new Mayers family forum.


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