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5 Greatest Celebrity Sex Tapes and their Career Impact?

from – Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, is set to star in a porno/sex tape for Vivid Entertainment. You can imagine his sheer joy! Young Montana cites the reason behind her decision to act herself silly is because she’s “watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and [she thinks] a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.” It’s better than working in a banana stand, right George Michael Bluth?

She’s right though. Kim exploded in popularity after footage of her and Brandy’s brother, Ray J, doing the long duck dong was released. But does starring in a sex tape guarantee you celebridom? Here are the top five celebrity sex tapes you pushed out of your brain to make room for the recipe of chicken parmigana, along with a brief word on if their careers have benefited or suffered from their filmed romps.

Verne Troyer5. Verne Troyer

The diminutive actor of Dunston Checks In and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and his girlfriend Ranae Shrider shot a private tape of intimacy on Easter Weekend in 2008. Shrider herself took the goodness straight to TMZ, but Troyer sued them and even though it’s probably difficult to come across online, it is by no means impossible to locate. It’s still out there if you’re willing to cruise around for a while.

Career Impact: While the tape can still be found, do you know who’s not? Verne Troyer. So Montana, be forewarned: a sex tape doesn’t even guarantee you a spot as Mike Myers’s bitch, let alone fame.

4. Collin Farrell

Farrell sued his ex-girlfriend and Playboy model Nicole Narain and the Internet Commerce Group over the “unauthorized public distribution” of a sex tape he made with Narain in 2003. A Los Angeles judge issued an injunction that prevented the tape from going public, so most of us will never be able to cross that item off of our bucket list. Farrell claimed Narain was behind the tape’s distribution, and that she was attempting to ruin his career.

Career Impact: Obviously Narain failed as Collin’s still plenty busy. It really didn’t even have an affect on anything (mostly because nobody ever saw it). But not even the knowledge it ever existed makes him more intriguing as a celebrity…which is odd.

3- Kim Kardashian

As stated above, Kim Kardashian allowed boyfriend Ray J to film her having sex with him in 2007 in Kim Kardashian Superstar featuring Hip Hop Star Ray J, which was released by Vivid Entertainment. Kim told Us Weekly that she was “hurt and embarrassed” by the company’s decision to make the tape public, despite her wishes they wouldn’t. With less than 15 minutes of actual sex on the tape, most people who saw it were dissatisfied, but enjoyed the production value…in addition to Kim Kardashian being quite easy to please sexually and her natural assets that make hot air balloons envious.

Career Impact: Her career has since skyrocketed. She has her own perfume, store, and makes around $10,000 per tweet. She’s also caught the attention of one Montana Fishburne.

2. Paris Hilton

Paris has also earned her right to be here. Her 2004 video, 1 Night in Paris (get it! Hilarious!), with boyfriend Rick Salomon has it’s own entries on Wikipedia AND, and is the sole reason the army even bothers to use the night vision setting on their goggles. Released by Red Light District Video, Hilton did not approve of its public release and Salomon sued for defamation. Hilton also sued Saloman out of court in July of 2005 and reportedly received $400,000, a portion of which she said she was going to donate to charity. But what did the public think? A few imdb reviewers classified it as “a fun tape to watch and recognized it for Hilton’s “attractive posture and wonderful performance in what is surely to be known as her best work to date.” (This guy also called it Oscar worthy.)

Career Impact: The film was shot before she starred in TV’s The Simple Life, which means she definitely recommends anyone and everyone to go down on a guy in any Paris hotel.

1. Pamela Anderson [pictured]

Obviously Anderson has a place on this list. She starred in two sex tapes – one with her then husband Tommy Lee on their honeymoon in 1998 the Internet Entertainment Group put online, and another lesser-known one with Bret Michaels that was made before the one with Tommy Lee, but released after it on DVD in 2005. Anderson’s responsible for people having the urge to stash a tripod and camcorder in their closets, as well as making the remote control a legitimate way to measure…stuff. Like linens! Stuff like linens. In his quest to review celebrity sex tapes, Jack Oceano of calls her tape with Tommy Lee “the quintessential celebrity sex tape,” where it has “all the perfect ingredients”: a rock star with a colossal ego, one of the hottest women on the planet, and a beautiful setting.

Career Impact: Despite never starring in anything better than Baywatch, she’s certainly cemented herself as quite the PETA advocate and generalized household name. Surely it’s the tapes that’ve kept her even remotely relevant.


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