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A 185-pound Goldstein Disappointed in Flynt and Hof

Al Goldstein or portions of him were on the Howard Stern show today. Goldstein, whose had his stomach stapled, is also claiming that Screw will be back publishing in about three weeks.
Goldstein,68, was on with his latest girlfriend, Christine, whom he claims to be marrying. [What happened to B-movie actress Linnea Quigley one might ask? Goldstein said he set aside $5,000 in his will for Quigley despite the fact she owes him $8,000.]

Asked what happened to Screw, Goldstein, like Bob Guccione recently did, blamed it on the Internet. “People are de-sensitized. Isn’t it harder to shock people?” Goldstein also blamed an “incompetent distributor” who stopped putting him on the street,

Stern said Goldstein looks very weird at 185, down from 270. Goldstein said he has another 15 pounds to go. Goldstein says he dreams about Godiva chocolate and food all the time but that the doctor put a pouch in his stomach and that if he eats more than six ounces, he throws up. Goldstein says his greatest love is eating and he misses it, and that the woman he’s going to marry doesn’t compare to Godiva chocolates and Belgian ice cream. “I’m like an anorexic,” said Goldstein. “I take celery to bed with me.” Goldstein said he also eats candy bars for diabetics.

Asked if his skin is sagging, Goldstein said he’s going to need a tummy tuck. “I’m grotesque-looking naked.” Stern predicted that guys overweight by a mere 20 pounds are going to start getting the operation. Because of his age, the doctors didn’t want to operate, according to Goldstein. But it’s changed his life, he says. “I’m so proud of myself.” Stern said what’s there to be proud of. You had an operation. You can’t eat.”

Stern also wanted to know how the publisher lost all his money. Goldstein said it was by marrying four women, that Gina, the third wife who’s the mother of his son, got 2 1/2 million. The fourth wife, Patti, got $150,000 via a pre-nup but the lawyers got $900,000. Stern wanted to know how the lawyers made out in that deal. Goldstein said that was because he had a lawyer that wasn’t very good.

Goldstein, at his height, estimated his worth at $5 million. Asked why that little, Goldstein explained, “I was never national. Screw magazine was a local paper. I never made the money Hefner and Flynt did.” Goldstein said in his bad times, the phone stopped ringing. Goldstein said he asked both Larry Flynt and Dennis Hof for jobs and was turned down. “These guys are megalomaniacs,” said Goldstein. Stern suggested that maybe Goldstein’s age might have something to do with it. Flynt, Goldstein said, didn’t return his calls. “I’m high profile. They’re high profile. They didn’t want to share the spotlight,” Goldstein rationalized. He also voiced disappointment that Hof didn’t offer him a job. Asked how he’s going to get Screw out, Goldstein said he’s basically sticking it to his note holders. “It means that I don’t pay any of the old bills. We just start fresh.” Goldstein said he’s re-financing his $2.9 million home in Pompano.

Asked how she met Goldstein, Christine, a 28 year-old psychology major who was born and raised in England, said she was doing a paper on narcissism. “He’s just wild; he’s outrageous,” she said. “He has 21 arrests. He just blew me away.” Stern lent the notion that Christine may be a gold digger. Christine laughed the idea off and Goldstein said there was no pre-nup and that he’ll be monogamous. Goldstein’s also left his son Jordan out of the will for changing his name and not returning Goldstein’s watch collection. Goldstein called his will get-even time and that he’s going to leave everything to Christine for standing by him. Christine said they’ve had “outrageous” sex together. “When Al is competent enough to do it, about three or four times a week.” Christine said his competency is based on his anti-depressants.

Stern said a lot of people think Goldstein’s insane. “You bounce checks to your employees.” Goldstein said he bounced checks to everyone. “The company folded.” Goldstein also admitted to being in the nut house for seven days and Ryker’s for nine. “but they released me saying I’m sane.” Goldstein said he’s getting married within the next three weeks even though he feels his tongue belongs to the world and not one person. Asked if he had enough to support Christine, Goldstein said he was getting $1500 a month social security.

Recapping his recent courtroom woes, Goldstein said in on case he was found guilty while unconscious. Stern told him to quit with it already, that he’s garnered enough attention. A caller-in named Zolar said Goldstein was totally repulsive. “This girl he’s living with is a gold-digging whore and that just proves how woman will lower themselves to get with money.” Christine said she didn’t care about the comments, would sign a pre-nup and prefers Goldstein fat. Christine said she’s not into bringing other women home.

Goldstein also lauded his attorney, Charles DiStephano. “He gives the best gay sex in the world,” said Goldstein. “I let him sodomize me. He performs fellatio on me. He made magic. He exhausted the D.A. in Brooklyn.”




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