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A Q&A: Alexis Ford Visits the Museum of Sex

Soon to open at the museum, an Alexis Ford wing.

Manhattan- from – Alexis Ford loves sex. So much so, she decided to become a porn star two and a half years ago, headlining such blue movies as Bikinis No Weenies and Squirt Girl. The Adam & Eve contract girl from Queens, NY, however, had never visited the Museum of Sex located in Midtown Manhattan—until now that is. Join the petite blonde with the all-natural perky breasts and inviting lips as she tours MoSex and make sure to follow her at

Q: Favorite / Least Favorite Part of the Museum:
A: “My favorite thing here was the first exhibit that we saw [“Action: Sex and the Moving Image”] about the different years of porn. I liked seeing the early stages of porn and how different it is now. I feel that now porn has taken a whole new route because [producers] actually don’t like the big fake boobs and tan skin anymore. I know my company doesn’t like me tan. Playboy was doing a whole big thing where they were featuring a lot of girls without fake boobs. [But] I liked how the exhibit showed the legends of porn, like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick, and the celebrity porn, too. I was surprised that they showed Paris Hilton [in her sex tape].

My least favorite was the animated porn [“Comics Stripped”]. I definitely think it’s a little strange. People come up with the weirdest things. I don’t know if I could necessarily get off to it. I would find it more entertaining than erotic. I actually read somewhere that if you really look at the [female] Disney characters they all had really big titties, a small waist, and a big ass. And it’s bad because little kids watch it and then they think that’s how all [women] should really be, but it’s not. And they were saying something about how Disney portrays a lot of sex, but people don’t really realize it. So it’s funny to see Disney [cartoons featured in an exhibit] at the Sex Museum. Like Tinkerbell. I have Tinkerbell tattooed on my pussy. I think she’s really fuckin’ hot. She’s so seductive looking and has such a perfect petite but curvy body. She’s very womanly. I think Tinkerbell’s fuckin’ sexy. If Tinkerbell came to life, I would fuck her. But, yeah, she’s a Disney character, so it’s very contradictory.”

Q: Quick Thoughts On Other Exhibits…
A: “Sex Lives of Robots”: “I personally find sex dolls to be really cool, you know, how realistic they look. But I wouldn’t be able to masturbate to one. Like, I find that to be a little weird. But, man, it’d be kinda cool to have one in your house hangin’ out [laughs].”

[Looking at a wolf costume worn by furries] “People have some weird-ass fetishes. I guess that’s where they imagine they’re fucking an animal? That doesn’t turn me on. I just like simple sex. Maybe a little you time me up, choke me. And I definitely like latex because it’s such a tight feeling that it makes you have a really good orgasm. Chains, whips, ball gags, I like that. But a furry animal head I think might be a little much.”

“The Sex Lives of Animals”: “Right now we are watching gorillas having sex. And I have to say, people need to start taking lessons from them because they are getting it in right now. Oh my God. Now I know where they get the term “fuckin’ like animals” because they’re fucking pounding the shit out of each other.”

Q: Is a Date at MoSex a Turn On?
A: “Yeah. Me and my boyfriend actually have sex in public a lot. It’s one of our big things that we do. So we probably would have found a bathroom because we seem to bless every bathroom that we go to, especially in public. We’ve been kicked out of many places because of it.”

Q: Best Items To Buy @ The Gift Shop
Take One Take Two Glazed Stoneware Ceramic Tissue Dispenser:

A: “I like how you can take the tissue out of the asshole [laughs].”

Q: 3DD: A 3-D Celebration of Breasts:
A: “Wow! That’s so cool. I have never seen a book in 3-D before. You can put on the 3-D glasses and you get to see boobs in 3-D. I actually saw a 3-D porn at one of the convention shows. It’s really cool, especially when the guy cums and you get to see the cum shooting out at you. It’s awesome.”

Q: Pam: American Idol (book):
A: “Pamela Anderson definitely is a sex icon. She is, to me, the ultimate man’s fantasy. I just played her role as the Tool Times Girl in Home Improvement XXX: A Parody, so I feel like I have a special connection with her. It was actually very intimidating because she is such a big icon.”

Q: Soup For Sluts Instant Ramen Noodles:
A: The tagline is: “Cheap, Fast & Easy.” [laughing] That’s so fucking awesome. They should sell this in every store. I’m actually gonna buy this for my boyfriend because he loves ramen noodles and he loves sluts. Obviously: he’s with me [laughs].

Q: Rate The Museum on a Scale of 0-5:
A: “I would give it a 5. It’s very educational. There is a lot of different types of exhibits from early porn to bondage to anime to animals. It’s really a museum on all aspects of sex not just what we [normally] think of what sex is. Actually, I didn’t see them have a thing about squirting in the museum. That’s one of my specialties that not every woman can do. So they should have a little section on that.”


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