About FOXE Awards; Tera a No-Show

Big Mike writes: First the show sucked. Tera Patrick i was informed couldn’t be bothered to come get her fan favorite award.”Stuck up bitch”. See how we like you now. Someone who i havn’t seen in a long time Anita hosted the event with Emeral. Anita needs to go retire again. If Terri didnt take the mic i was just going to leave along with everyone else. If it hadn’t been for Seka i would have not showed up. The most impressive thing i saw all night was the massive Glass Dildo Summer Haze made and awarded to Seka. Oh and my good friend Mary Cary was there. She was nice and sweet and got her award like a trooper. I was lucky enough to get pics of Mary and Summer with Seka’s glass septor. After about 10 min. i realized that this Summer is the Summer Haze I read about on the boards all the time. I come to find out she is no where near as bad as I was made to beleave. My girl is still Mary but Summer Haze is a friend of Mary’s so she is a friend of mine. Other Than Seka, Terri, Mary and Summer , The FOXE awards were a joke this year and im almost embarased to say i was there except to see my friends. Get a clue and someone clue Tera in the fans made you the fans will destroy you to. Big Mike


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