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Adam & Eve’s “Surrender Of O” Release Party At Boardners Was Hot

Hollywood, CA/Entertainment News)- Tony Btman, writes:

On a fire filled night in Hollywood California Adam & Eve Pictures held its release party for the big budget movie “The Surrender of O” which is the sequel to “O The Power Of Submission”. The fetish gala event was held at the Boardners club which has housed some very interesting events in the past. If my memory serves me correctly the last time we were there is was for a great party for the Spice studios people.

The night started around 10pm as the A Entertainment crew met outside the club along with the EMM Report and the interview team of Porno Dan and Sandy for iPorn and Xpeeps. There was a slight mix up at the door as one of my guys was denied access, I tried to reason with the nice lady with the list, telling her I had things pre approved through Katy but was told I did not and I should be inside taking pictures since that was what I was there for. Oh well, respect is not something that you get everyday in Hollywood. On occasion the clipboard is the most powerful weapon in the city of make-believe.

Inside the club there were a bevy of very nice pieces of fetish and bondage furniture. Chairs, crosses, benches, spanking tables, and such. My friend and sponsor for the night Downtown Willy was the craftsman of this great stuff. Willy told me he has been super busy as of late, both in the bondage “scene” and working for many mainstream movie projects, making the sex world crossover rumors even more believable. The people from “Stockroom were also there with their wares. We get a highly anticipated tour of their new Los Angeles warehouse during the Webmasters Access West show next week.

The media wall began to fill up slowly with media and press photographers. The first star of the movie to take the stage was Ava Rose who looked awesome in her fetish wear; all of the girls had these latex dresses on that had a cutout for their asses, very sexy to look at all night long. Adam and Eve Contract Star Bree Olson took pictures and mingled with the crowd, the incredibly beautiful and personable Mika Tan was all over the crowd with her happy self, she just makes a room more fun to be in, in my opinion. I am not sure if you all have noticed but Nina Hartley is everywhere and is in everything lately. I am so very happy about that, I love her as does her millions of fans. The master Ira was there in full gear as well doing what he does best, directing us all in the right direction.

There were several great people at the event and we won’t name them all but we do have to mention our good friend Ken Marcus and his crew of models. This guy is a legend in his field and the first time I met him about three years ago, he was just as nice and accommodating as he is today. Ken Marcus totally breaks the stigma that Fetish and bondage people are all weird and in a different world. Speaking of my fetish friends, I have to mention Master Liam and his crew. He has made a great name for himself and we can always hearken back to my birthday party last year, we had Playboy centerfolds host my party, yet I remember hanging out with Liam and his slaves, but that’s another story not for full print.

There was a stage where they did some bondage and fetish play for the crowd. The entire upstairs VIP area was filled with situation areas where spanking, whipping, flogging, and all that was going on. I am really a vanilla, (Not into the Scene), guy to all of this, but I am learning slowly.

There were posters showing the box cover of the movie “The Surrender of O” all over the building, they did a great job making us all remember the reason that we were there. That sounds simple but it seems to be becoming a lost art at these things, it’s a promotional party at the end of the day, and you need to remember that.

There were a few very funny and entertaining moment that we remember from the evening. Bob Christian, who is the big cheese at Adam & Eve, was shackled to himself, waist chain and all; he is a fun guy and really got into the theme of the night. Then Tommy Gunn and Evan Stone were doing an interview for us and the EMM Report, Even was holding a huge cardboard poster of “The Surrender of O”, knowing that both Tommy and Evan were involved in that Porn- Wrestling league, I grabbed the big sign from Evan and began to beat him down with it, then Tommy Gunn grabbed me from behind and distracted me long enough for Evan to get the sign away from me. After a slight struggle and a few punches, Tommy and Evan both attacked me with the sign, knocking me to the ground then repeatedly beating on me while I was down. I was not surprised, it’s in there MO to do something like that.

We had a pretty good time at the party, my segment guy Zander is a bit mad at them but what can you do, I did not do any interviews though. Tit for Tat!!

We departed the party pretty late and as soon as we were in the car and drove up the hill towards the valley we noticed that the valley was on fire. We later found out that almost the entire city of Sylmar California was on fire when a crazy wildfire spread like running water. As I am writing this report 12 hours later, the city is still on fire.


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