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Adult Biz Still Checkin’ On Wolf

WORLD WIDE WEB) — Our buddy Aaron Boe aka “Wolf” from Inside the Lair has people double checkin’ him after some recent controversy with his questionable tactics and interactions with many members of the adult biz. Top Pro Talent received this e-mail on Thursday:
Hi Wayne,

Got this email below, on 7/23 from A. Boe. After checking his site, and having a nose for bullshit – guess from sticking my nose in it too many times in my earlier days – I did a search and besides the ton of PR’s all over about who’s writing for the lair, found your recent article embedded in others on the setgo site.

I don’t really have anything at risk personally at this point, or any
headline grabbing bulletins, so I am just sharing a little info. A number
of writers seemed to deem him only as a bit too eager but harmless. I was wondering if anything else might have come to light.

My interest in Inside the Lair is to promote the Tetruss – the portable,
lightweight, free-standing, suspension bondage rig I designed. I feel it
offers a great visual dynamic for bdsm oriented producers to mix in some
variety in their shoots. It has been used in many still shoots(free
galleries on my site). But I don’t want to channel my promo thru someone
who is lying, scheming and pissing every one else off.

If you have any feedback to offer, I would appreciate it. If anything
interesting develops further with A.Boe, I’ll pass it along.

Best regards,

Galen – a D/s Wild Life Sanctuary ­ Dungeon in Box – portable, free-standing, lightweight suspension bondage rig

From: “Wolf” <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 10:32 PM
Subject: inquiry

I am opening up a new BDSM/Fetish daily news website in the near future and was wondering if I could use the pic on your homepage of the girl being suspended. That would be awesome. I would certainly give your company credit for the photo and let people know where they could get Tetruss.

Let me know what you think.


Aaron Boe.

Wayne C. Lewis of writes back:

Hi Dude,

Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you on this guy. I met him, he was very nice to me but I get a lot of email from people who say otherwise. I spoke to a respected person in the industry about him the other day who calls Boe his friend and he said, “this kid is a good kid. He tried to play a game he knows nothing about without doing any homework first. He does have cancer. He does have some personal issues, but the bottom line is, he’s just green. Brand new and trying to come out barrels blazing. Gung ho, no smarts. I think he’s learned his lesson.”

I personally like people who have an eager quality so I can’t hold that
against him. I think he was just Don King-ing everyone until he lost track
of all his promises. You probably won’t hear about any problems from him


Galen writes back:

Thanks for your quick response …and insights. Having been a marketer and promoter all my adult life, I can relate. I have stretched things when I shouldn’t have, sometimes to the breaking point, and gotten dropped on my ass. Painful and embarrassing, but I took my lumps, learned where the line is (I think!), humbly begged forgiveness, and moved forward.

Maybe A. Boe can do the same. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how forgiving the industry journalists were, after the kid set himself up for slaughter… a kinder, gentler porn industry!

Bottom line, however you may feel he might have wronged you, give the kid another shot. We’re all just trying to do our thing everyday…let him have a chance at his.



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