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Adult Stars Blast Mark of DarkStarVideo

PORN VALLEY, CA – printed a story about Mark of yesterday in regards to him questioning Dick Nasty’s rates in a series of back and forth e-mails.

Julie Knight responds:

I just wanted to say that Mark is the cheap scammer he accused Dick Nasty of being. I shot a D.P. for Mark, and he only paid 600 dollars. He wanted very specific shots and it was difficult for the two guys and myself. When I told Mark that I did not want to shoot with him, he proceeded to cuss me out. He then harassed by phone for a few months after.

This guy is a jerk and he uses the business to get laid, because he wouldn’t get laid any other way. I would tell every girl to stay away from him. Let people know he’s bad news.

Love, Julie 🙂

Melissa Ashley writes:

I also know Mark from DarkStarVideo, and I agree with Julie Knight…he’s a dick!

Several months ago he contacted me about shooting with him. He wanted me to come over and do an “audition” blowjob with him. I told him I had plenty of experience, and if he wanted to “audition” me I would be happy to send him a video of some of my past work. He then offered to pay me $100 to come over and give him an “audition” blowjob scene. I told him I wasn’t interested, and asked him not to contact me again. He continued to harass me via email and private message over MSN Messenger.

I think I responded once and ask him to leave me alone, and then he sent me a really nasty email and cussed me out!

Like Julie Knight said, please let people know he’s bad news.


Sabre writes:

I would like to thank for publishing Melissa Ashley and Julie Knight’s comments about Mark. As a very new member of the adult film industry I sometimes have a hard time knowing who to trust.

I met Mark after responding to an ad he had placed online seeking talent for movies. When I arrived he wanted to shoot a series of test shots and video for very, very small sum of money. He had no current test results anyway, so I left. A short while later he contacted me wanting to shoot me, and he had some nasty things to say when I told him I could be booked through my new agent. All my communications with him have a notable lack of professionalism of any sort; his messages seem disorganized and lack tact, proper grammar, or any kind of formality.

At the moment, I am planning on giving up entirely on any sort of management by any agent or even counting on being able to get my own work for several reasons, including the fact that I’m really tired of dealing with people like this.

Thank you again Melissa and Julie for the advice and thanks adultfyi for the story.

Editor’s Note: May we suggest the services of Steve Seidman? I believe he has a few openings. 😉

Lainey Baron writes:

I wanted to comment on the Mark of DarkStar Video topic. My problem with him was as far back as Jan 2002 him doing many things as mentioned by other talent which is by no surprise to me at all.

With his non-stop threatening emails, harassment, and so on that lasted nearly one year, I am so thrilled that other talent have come forward with the same problem.

He eventually started harassing my boyfriend as well which was even more entertaining to say the least. It was funny that he threatened to kick both of our asses but when we ran into him at AIM the weekend before the 2003 Vegas Convention, he acted like he did not see us.

My only advice to everyone is to watch yourself with him and be prepared for drama when you do deal with him. It is people like him that give the good people of the business a bad name. Just my personal opinion on this topic.

Lainey Baron

Selena Silver writes:

I am sure most porn fans and certainly the whole porn industry has heard of Dick Nasty; I am sure most have never heard of Mark of Dark Star Video. Enough said?

When I first came out to shoot, Mark contacted me about doing a boy/girl scene for him. He wanted to pay $200. LOL When I told him that was not even close to my rate – and Dick is right, the industry standard is $800- Mark started screaming at me on the phone; cursing at me and calling me every name you can imagine. He told me that I was nobody and who did I think I was to charge such an outlandish amount of money; he told me no one would ever hire me. LOL

He was the most unprofessional loser I have ever met in this business. What a huge statement that just was. I hung up the phone on him and then got nasty and very threatening emails from him for a while.

I would say without a shadow of a doubt that NO girl should ever work for Mark and that NO fan should ever buy any movie that the supposed DarkStar Video puts out. Pathetic.

Selena Silver

Holly Hollywood writes:

I just had to block this asshole from my email as well. Seems he didn’t like my answer about contacting my agent for bookings (as well as Sabre) and went psycho. He’s sick and could really wind up hurting someone. All please beware of this. sexy kisses,

holly hollywood

Lisa Sparxxx writes:

Hey there AdultFYI! It’s Lisa Sparxxx all the way from Carson City, NV. I also met mark from Darkstar video last year. He for some reason thinks that he helped in some way with my career.

I talked to him online last Nov. and he told me of several groups on the internet that I should stay away from. He is particularly against the guys from He told me if I shot with them he would never get me work in this industry.

I guess that I made the right choice since I have a wonderful career and he is a nobody with a bad reputation in the adult industry. I am glad that he is now getting what he deserves….NOTHING!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent and I miss everybody in LA! See you next week.

Lisa Sparxxx



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