exclusive! Alexandra Mayers new single, “Lately!”

Monica Foster

We are very proud here at to be bringing you the new single from Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster, “Lately!” You will not see this posted anywhere else as we have exclusive rights to Ms. Mayers music! staffers traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada and recorded Ms. Mayers in the bathroom of a room at the exclusive Safari Motel and we must say, we have never heard anything better. Admittedly, Ms. Mayers is a bit lacking in talent but our recording and mixing expertise and the fact that this was recorded in such a great sounding “studio” make up for that.

We are excited to bring you more from Ms. Mayers and will be bringing you more in the coming weeks and months! Enjoy!


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  1. Lol! She has no right to get mad about this video being uploaded up to here because she violates copyright laws and she downloads other people’s vids and other shit!

  2. Foster tries to sabotage other people like me when she tried to get me fired from that short film and she contacted my sponsors and told them that I was embezzling money. Foster, NO ONE has never tried nor ever will try to sabotage you because you’re a no talented hack who doesn’t have any potential of success in painting, music, videos, or anything else. You’re a horrible singer just like your sister who embarrassed herself on “American Idol”! The “piano” that you’re using, I had that cheap pos when I was a kid, that cheap piece of instrument is equivalent to giving off music like late night radio broadcast shows. I forgot, you can’t AFFORD to spend money on a great sounding piano that cost about $1G at Guitar Center, nor can you afford lessons from an actual instructor who knows music, not a failure like Barry!

    OMG, no wonder why you try so hard to ruin people’s lives and try and sabotage their professional lives! You’re full of jealousy and you blame racism because you can’t accept that you have no talent!

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