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PORN VALLEY, CA – AdultFYI On Your Side is a feature on this site to bring attention to those who have had problems dealing with others in the industry, issues that couldn’t be resolved. The hope of this feature is that with the help of AdultFYI, two parties that disagree can come together and work out their issues in reasonable fashion so that everyone can go about their business and all live happily, ever after.

Recently, Dick Nasty brought to our attention a series of e-mails written back and forth by Nasty and Mark of In the e-mails, Mark solicited Dick about rates for girls and then responded very immaturely when he was provided with the information he requested. Mark accused Dick of taking advantage of girls and having rates beyond the industry standard, when in fact the rates were exactly industry standard.

When the story broke on AdultFYI, we printed both parties e-mails and the interaction was quite clear, although instantly we received numerous e-mails from well known female talent in the adult business, all claiming to have had horrible experiences with Mark of Dark Star Video.

Finally, after receiving a few more this morning, we decided that this story has now become a candidate for AdultFYI On Your Side and sought comment from Mark about all the flack he was taking from girls who have interacted with him.

AdultFYI wrote to Mark of Dark Star Video:

You’re taking a lot of heat lately. Would you like to respond to any of these claims made against you by all these big name adult stars?

Mark writes back:

What purpose would that serve? In a business filled with highschool dropouts, methsmoking prozac taking girls, suitcase pimps and back stabbing ego manics so really cares what people think or say? I mean does anyone have anything good to say about anyone?

My first employer in the business was, he told me early on you need a thick skin in this business. Secondly, people have a short memory. Does anyone remember stuff from, or geneross when he as at avn or any of the other gossip sites no longer around? I doubt it.

Maybe if you would have emailed before you posted so you could get both sides of the story I would have given you some juice. Not sure why I didn’t get that courtesy, even the lowest of low reporters like “the national inquirer” or “globe” would have taken the 3 seconds to call or email. Is there some agenda you have that I’m not aware of?

AdultFYI wrote back to Mark:

Your defensive and slightly insulting response is not going to be helpful in cleaning up any of this.

Do people remember Quasarman rants or Gene’s work? Some of it, yes, very much. Most of it, no. But people do get tainted from repeat accusations. Don’t try to belittle our web site for not getting a comment from you after the first posting. There was no need to reach you for comment because your e-mails were clear as day. You disrespected someone in the industry with childish name calling when all he was doing was giving you information you requested.

Your silence will be your admission. I suggest you take a few breaths and make an official statement with tact and professionalism because we’re getting e-mails from a lot of big name stars who are all concurring about their unfortunate dealings with you. Anyone can accuse someone and put doubt in the minds of people. But when a enough voices come together to reach a quorum, it doesn’t represent you very well at all.

Mark writes back:

Who the fuck are you? Who gives a damn what you or any other website says? A while back Ron Jeremy is accused of rape by a “star”. Let me guess, he is tainted right? You are completely clueless. You have a free website, by definition its worthless.

This kind of reaction, in my opinion, shows the kind of personality and lack of regard that female stars in the industry were dealing with when interacting with Mark from Dark Star Video. Having no comment is one thing, but responding to serious allegations from peers with rude and unnecessary bicker provides a lot of fuel to industry talent’s claims.

For this segment of ADULTFYI ON YOUR SIDE, it is of AdultFYI’s opinion, based on the numerous accounts of reputable talent and the ridiculous responses from Mark, that it is in the best interest of ALL TALENT to stay very clear of Dark Star Video, especially Mark. From the evidence presented to us, we believe he has shown in his interactions with media, companies and talent, that he is without care for others, conniving and quite childish.

If you have had any problems receiving payment for work performed or would like to further inquire about the company, Dark Star Video [the URL] is registered by Trey Kaiser:

Kaiza Multimedia, LLC (DARKSTARVIDEO2-DOM)
404 East 1st Street #1371




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