AdultFYI Producer Profile Series : Axel Braun, Ivan and Tim Von Swine

Axel Braun simply makes the best movies in the business today. If you are right for the part, he will book you in a role that will garner more press and accolades than anyone currently shooting.

He does not let agents tell him what to do. Being with any agent will not make a lick of difference whether or not you appear in an Axel Braun production. YOU have the power to make your own path!

Take control of your own career and contact Axel directly at or on Twitter @axelbraun

Ivan has a company called PUBA. He shoots all the time. He is a nice guy who will treat you with respect. If you contact him directly he will shoot you. No agent will make that happen for you.

Ivan can be reached at Twitter @iamivanxxx

Tim Von Swine shoots for Mike John and has other lines that he appears in. He is a jovial man that makes sure everyone has fun on his sets. He would appreciate you contacting him directly so that he doesn’t have to pay an agent/pimp as will most producers.

His email is: His twitter is @TVonSwine

Remember talent. YOU are the ones who can make your career. NOT a pimp.


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