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AIDS Healthcare Prez Michael Weinstein To Kink Torture King Peter Acworth : “Bring It On”

Everybody’s favorite stalker is back at it again.

You guessed it. Peter Acworth is back stalking AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein. Every other day it seems he’s drafting a new letter, blog post or email and sends it out to all the media outlets from AVN to XBIZ to The New York Times. Do you notice that out of everybody in the 3 billion dollar a year porn industry with their livelihoods at stake, Peter Acworth is the only one who is speaking out? It make you wonder if Acworth is the defacto spokesperson for Steve Orenstein, Steven Hirsch, Scott Taylor, John Stagliano, etc. Is he speaking for all of these people?

If the 3 billion dollar a year adult industry is gonna pack up and leave town and move to Vegas, why is Peter Acworth the only voice speaking out? Why is the person with the worst record on press, health, you name it, the one who is writing the letters to Michael Weinstein?r Everybody seems to gloss over the fact that he was busted for cocaine possession and firing guns at The Armory and not letting the cops in. That’s the one who is out in the forefront being the defacto leader of the business. He’s the one out there talking to the press.

Now he’s threatening to file a lawsuit against Michael Weinstein. He’s being represented by Karen Tynan, the soccer mom attorney who represents Derek Hay at LA Direct. Not Paul Cambria. Not Lou Sirkin or Alan Isaacman, but Karen Tynan, who I don’t believe has won a case yet for the industry. Acworth and Tynan wrote up a cease and desist letter to Weinstein, saying that he and AHF need to stop talking about and his company Cybernet Entertainment. They need to stop talking about AIDS being spread on his sets and more importantly, Cameron Bay and Rod Daily need to stop referencing as the place where they contracted their HIV. According to Peter Acworth, that’s a lie. They contracted HIV outside the set. According to Acworth, Cameron Bay and Rod Daily are lying and he is telling the truth.

Acworth is telling Michael Weinstein that if he doesn’t stop saying that HIV was contracted on his set, then he and his superstar lawyer Karen Tynan are going to sue AIDS Healthcare Foundation for liberal and slander and hurting his business.

Michael Weinstein’s response? “Bring it on.”

From AVN:

““Your intentional behavior has been nothing short of a campaign of deceitfulness to imply on-set transmissions of HIV which you know did not happen,” Tynan charged on Cybernet’s behalf. “Your statements made against Cybernet Entertainment LLC (dba and Peter Acworth are defamatory and must stop.””

“Tynan made specific reference to a press conference held on September 18, 2013, which she said “is particularly helpful in examining the litany of tortuous conduct these past months. Even your own archives evidence the defamation you have repeatedly perpetrated” ‘Michael Weinstein, head of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a backer of the condom law, said he suspects that Bay contracted the virus on a set.’ Last month, he said, the actress tested negative for HIV, and this month, she tested positive. In one film that she worked on between the tests, it appears that condoms were not used, Weinstein said. ‘It’s a tragedy for her,’ he said. ‘Obviously she was infected by someone.’””

“Tynan said that the above-noted press conference and press release are just two examples of many “wherein you claim that these two adult film performers [were] infected on the set, implying that it happened on a Cybernet Entertainment set, and it’s easy to see a pattern of malicious and purposeful defamation that has remained unchecked by the AHF board and officers.””

“According to Tynan, the various statements made by Weinstein, Bay and Daily in front of the California legislature are protected as “political statements” under both the First Amendment and California’s anti-SLAPP statutes, but “your press releases, press conferences and public statements have created substantial liability based upon a variety of tort theories including libel, libel per se, slander, trade libel, and intentional and negligent interference with business relations.””

“Tynan also charged that, “With the payments made to your performers as well as the expenses AHF has paid for them, they are clearly in your employ and acting as your direct agents,” which would make Weinstein and/or AHF responsible for any libelous/defamatory statements the pair made in non-legislative venues.”

Are you reading this bullshit?

“The bulk of the letter details AHF’s alleged liability under the various tort theories, with Tynan noting that despite the fact that both Weinstein and Acworth are public figures, who normally would have heightened protections against the claims, “the statements made by you and your cohorts will be shown to have been made with malice,” Tynan stated. “You must be aware that no other performers have tested positive for HIV, making it impossible for these infections to have happened on set…””

Says who, Karen “Soccer Mom” Tynan?

You act as if you’re threatening some two bit blogger like Mike South. AIDS Healthcare Foundation is 200 times bigger than Peter Acworth. A group that has fundraisers with Al Sharpton. You’re threatening a guy who sits at benefits with people who have run for President of the United States. You represent a coked out bondage freak and you’re threatening a respected member of the political community who runs a worldwide health organization. OK, Karen Tynan. I’m sure Weinstein and AHF are quaking in their boots.

The rest of the article is a rambling litany of bullshit. After accusing Michael Weinstein and AHF of libel, slander and doing all sorts of things to hurt Peter Acworth’s torture empire, and threatening him every legal sanction under the sun, Weinstein simply says, “Bring it on.”

Peter Acworth and Karen Tynan. Just like your threats of moving the Kink Armory to Vegas for months and months and haven’t done anything about it, you’re now telling Weinstein and everybody that you’ve drawn a line in the sand and you have dared him to cross it. Before you even finish the line, Michael Weinstein says, “Bring it on, douchebag!”

So I would expect in the next day or two for a lawsuit to be filed by Peter Acworth and The line’s already been drawn and Weinstein didn’t flinch. Just like Acworth has sat there and threatened to move to Nevada. How many times have we heard this? Move already, asshole! How many lines in the sand have you drawn with moving and then scribbled them out and drawn another line? If the condom law doesn’t pass, you’ve still got Cal/OSHA to deal with. Michael Weinstein’s gonna be up your ass, Peter Acworth. Move!

And now your new threat to Michael Weinstein. Weinstein says bring it on. When are you filing the lawsuit? We’re gonna wait and we’re gonna count the days when you’re gonna move and when you’re gonna file the lawsuit. Weinstein doesn’t need time to think about it. He’s already said you guys are scum and to bring it on. So Karen Tynan and Peter Acworth. Bring it on.

Let me show you even more evidence that Peter Acworth is exactly what Michael Weinstein says he is: a serial abuser of the law and a dangerous irresponsible monster and people are harmed and contract diseases on his sets. He’s already been cited by Cal/OSHA, yet Peter Acworth claims it is all lies and Michael Weinstein just doesn’t like him or the porn business. Let me explain to you all why this is laughable and why everybody should be ashamed to have this guy speaking for the adult business.

If you say Michael Weinstein is running a smear campaign against Peter Acworth, it is not a smear campaign when Acworth himself is putting out evidence that he is dangerous and unsafe. He threatens lawsuits when he is accused of unsavory practices, but then puts out a press release that illustrates this in action.

Do you know what the word sadistic means? It means “having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain or suffering onto a person.” That is what the word sadistic means. Now if anyone of you were told that you were going to work for someone who practiced sadistic behavior would you want to go work there? When Michael Weinstein says that disease is spread and abuse occurs on sets from Cameron Bay to Rod Daily to Cameron Bay’s ruptured great implant to staph infection on the wrestling mats of Ultimate Surrender to numerous Cal/OSHA violations of workplace safety and Peter Acworth says it is all lies and he’s being persecuted and unfairly maligned, that argument is rendered moot when he and the people at Kink have a site called

From AVN:

“Following a series of successful femdom auctions, announced Friday that will be the latest to offer an opportunity for high-net-worth fetish fans to get in on the dark magic taking place at the Armory. The Sadistic Rope auction will allow a winner a once-in-a-lifetime chance to direct a hardcore BDSM shoot.”

This is right out of the movie Hostel. If you saw the movie Hostel, it was about what Peter Acworth would call a high-net-worth fetish fan who pays money to torture people and eventually kill them. The things portrayed in this movie I would say would fall into the category of sadistic behavior.

Peter Acworth are offering to high-net-worth individuals a chance to be involved in a shoot for a website called and they can direct a hardcore BDSM scene. They state the winner will be able to choose the model, just like Hostel. Bondage position, just like Hostel, where they tied the victims up. They can choose the type of torment.


“The auction will give the winner full control over the Sadistic Rope shoot. The winner will get to choose the model, the bondage positions, the type of torment she will have to endure, and how and when she gets to orgasm. Working one-on-one with BDSM master John Paul—aka “The Pope”—a lucky fan will see all their sadistic ideas come to life.”

“In addition, the winner will be given a login for a live show that can only be viewed by him/her. Here, the winner will interact with the model she/he chose, as The Pope and the rest of the crew execute their fantasies.”

“As a final perk, the winner will secure his/her place in Kink history. The winner’s name—or pseudonym, if he/she chooses—will appear in the title of the final scene when it’s posted on for the rest of the world to enjoy. The winner will also be able to choose three props or toys from the shoot to keep as her/his own.”

“This will be third live auction for The first two, for private webcam sessions with Maitresse Madeline and Lorelei Lee, each went for over $40K.”

This man Peter Acworth, who is claiming to the world that his sets are safe, nobody gets diseases and a smear campaign is being waged against him and he is gonna sue Michael Weinstein and AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This man, who out of the other side of his mouth is orchestrating shoots where individuals can pay 40 thousand dollars to have a chance to make their sadistic ideas come to life. They pick the girl, the bondage position and pick the way the torture is to be played out.

Torture is forbidden by the fucking Geneva Convention and that’s against war criminals or terrorists. Peter Acworth is saying that people who talk badly of him are liars and that he is safe and that Cameron Bay and Rod Daily never got a disease on his set, namely HIV. Yet, a couple of days earlier he is offering Hostel scenarios to the highest bidder. 40 thousand or more dollars to inflict severe pain and suffering on adult performers. Peter Acworth, you’re gonna say that sets are safe and nobody is harmed and all of these accusations are unfounded? Really?

A man who was charged with cocaine possession and impeding a police investigation when firearms were fired at The Armory is now taking bids of 40 thousand or more to create torture scenarios and inflict severe pain and torment on porn actresses. Steven Hirsch, Steve Orenstein, Scott Taylor, Larry Flynt, Phil Harvey. This is someone you want to be aligned with? Every respectable member of the adult community. Peter Acworth is someone you want to be aligned with? Peter Acworth is the person who is going to go to the media and speak for every one of us? Are you people insane?

This is disgusting. If all of the people I’ve mentioned sanction this behavior and endorse Peter Acworth and allow him to be the voice of the adult industry, then we truly are doomed.

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