Alexandra Mayers stealing news from Gene Ross website!

Alexandra Mayers, who doesn’t have any connections inside the Porn industry nor any respect from anyone inside the porn industry, had recently paid a visit to this website and went through the HUGE LEAK from @pornwarn exposing Sean Tompkins for the fraud that he is!

Monica Foster decided to spend her Easter holiday making another YouTube video, that no one of any importance will ever watch and she’s trying to make this leak her own discovery WITHOUT giving credit to where it truly belongs, which is ILLEGAL! Yet she reports the most recent leak of Tompkins and she’s not giving credit to Gene Ross when HE’S the one that got the intel!

It’s funny how this cross eyed idiot is defaming Dennis Hof for his Raiders themed brothel by falsely stating that he’s violating trademark laws! No wonder why she lost against Randazza in court, she doesn’t know anything about the the legal system nor the laws!


Also, she’s stealing “news source” from Mike South! Although I do believe that Trinity St Claire is a piece of shit, news from Mike South can’t be trusted!


IMG_1644 IMG_1642 IMG_1641

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  1. Dude, all she can do is copy and steal. She’s got no worthwhile original content that anyone wants to watch so she has to steal and copy other people’s original works.

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