Alexandra Mayers Watches the Super Bowl all Alone

Tourist flooded to Las Vegas to gamble on the big game! They arrived on Friday and spent 2 nights partying and getting ready for the big event! Monica Foster, however, spent the day all alone in her room watching the game by herself. Monica Foster was so desperate for human interaction, she tweeted to her peeps that she was broadcasting live in case anyone wanted to watch the game WITH HER! Well guess what, NOT ONE of her peeps logged in to keep her company! Only 2 viewers logged in, Foster (Live webcast includes the broadcaster as a separate viewer) and an unidentifiable individual who logged in and talked big shit to her, lol!

Foster was wearing her usual large nerdy glasses and eating fried chicken without any waffles to evade any racial stereotypes. Foster is so pathetic, she couldn’t even draw any of her “fans” to log in and keep her company. So let’s get this straight, on Super Bowl Sunday, Monica Foster sat all alone in her room, begged her peeps to watch her on live webcam & not one of them did, instead of going out to a casino or a bar and meeting new people!

Foster keeps proving how pathetic and lonely she is, this is why she spends everyday of her miserable life trying to ruin people’s lives with her libel and bullying! She wants people to be as miserable as she is! She has no one to blame but herself for her life being so shitty and for not having any friends or anyone special in her life! Everyone that she attacks is what keeps her going everyday, she’s a fucking psycho that need serious help. Foster will NEVER get the cops on anyone because she knows what will be proven against her!

Fyi, Foster deleted her tweets asking her peeps to watch her live webcam! We screencapped them, as usual, but we didn’t post them because we want to fuck with her, but we’ll post them when the time is right.


IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1209

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