Alexandra Melody Mayers Loses lawsuit in court and is about to

Monica Foster

Alexandra Melody Mayers Lost her lawsuit in court and is about to lose all her domain names but whats more interesting is what might be done with these domain names. Seems the big bull might get his hands on them and if he does this big angry bull is going to be tearing up the rodeo and everyone in it.

Donny Long which I have covered for over 14 years now is notorious for his online battles and shit throwing around the net. He is like a angry pig in a pen of shit just flinging it everywhere.

When someone pisses this man off and attacks him, he comes at them with a shit storm that covers them and there family so deep in shit they cant climb out for the rest of there sorry lives. Donny already owns Monica Fosters real name

her mothers real name

and her homosexual failed at life father

which Monica asked for all of it continuing her attacks on and on and on towards Donny as she got shit covered.

Monica is one of the few people dumb enough to have attacked Donny and his friends on numerous occasions and as we all know it always ends the same. Look at Christianx wiki page on PWL or Mercedes Ashley. LOL

Excuse me while I go refill my popcorn because this is going to be a scene I dont want to miss.

Till the next update on this cross eyed dumb monkey.




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